7 Tips for Dodging Burnout

7 Tips for Dodging Burnout

Do simple tasks frequently become a colossal burden for you? Has your efficiency taken a nosedive? Do you often feel helpless, hopeless, exhausted, anxious, cynical or resentful? Probably, you’re reeling under excessive stress which can lead to burnout, particularly if something is not done immediately.

Each day, you’re under constant pressure to meet demands pertaining to workplace, home and family. While trying to fulfil them, you tend to feel physically and emotionally drained. For a week or two it might be fine, but prolonged exposure to such a situation may result in burnout.

Stress vs. Burnout

It’s important to understand that burnout is different from stress. When things are out of your control, you feel stressed. You look for ways and means that can help you achieve your goals quickly and once you’re able to accomplish the tasks in hand, you feel happy and relieved. In simple words, stress can cause over-engagement, hyperactivity and fatigue. Your emotions go into overdrive and restlessness takes the centre stage.

Burnout, on the other hand, is a bit more severe. The sense of detachment, hopelessness and helplessness prevails continuously. You feel too demotivated or depressed to do anything. You not only procrastinate but also tend to withdraw from responsibilities. Headache, muscle pain and tiredness become prevalent. You tend to sleep lesser and your appetite goes for a toss.

People Who Tend to Burnout Easily

You can burnout with ease whenever you’re overburdened and undervalued. You can be anyone, an employee working hard in the office to get recognized or a mom juggling to keep house and kids in order. Additionally, your temperament and outlook for life can also be major contributing factors. Perfectionists and pessimists can burnout more rapidly than others.


Dodging Burnout with Ease

1. Find the real purpose

Each day you go to your office and work hard not just to get a pay-check at the end of the month, but also to get a fair dose of appreciation and satisfaction. If these two ingredients have gone missing for a while now, it’s time for some soul-searching. Spend time to look for the driving forces that can motivate you to run to your office excitedly every day.

Revisit your dreams and ambitions once again. Have you been able to achieve many of them? If not, you might be wasting your time in doing things that do not help you in any way to realise your aspirations. It is difficult to change job or career course, but sometimes hard decisions should be taken for the sake of your own happiness.

2. Put yourself before everyone else

You are more important than anyone else in this world. So, don’t hesitate to put yourself first. You’re not being selfish by doing so because if you’re happy you will spread happiness too. Remember, negativity is your biggest enemy. Sleep for at least 8-hours a day, even if you’re a mommy. Make sure you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Put in efforts to dress well and look good.

3. Increase your appetite for creativity

Hobbies are the most effective stress busters. Indulge in some activities that can calm down your nerves. Reading, hiking, cooking, writing, painting, singing, knitting and crocheting can make great hobbies. You can acquire a new skill like learn a language too. Creative endeavours boost your confidence as well as give you respite from your mundane routine.

4. Restructure your social network

Develop a special bond with your partner, kids and parents. Go the extra mile to make them your strongest support. They are the people who know you inside out and they will stand by you through thick and thin All friends aren’t close.

Keep a distance from those who always complain and drag your mood down with their resentful and depressive talks. Reconnect with your colleagues and maintain cordial terms with them. These people face similar challenges as you do in office and they can help you to shoo away burnout with ease.

5. Get the pleasure from helping others

Helping people can give you the greatest pleasures of life. Volunteer for community services or join a social group. Merely by spending a couple of hours over the weekend helping the underprivileged you will realize how lucky you really are.

6. Take control of your life

Explore ways that can help you to exercise greater control on your life. If the office environment is stressful, talk to your boss and request him or her to allow you to handle the project with a little more independence. Your boss might not be willing to give away his or her powers. Don’t worry there are other ways to enhance productivity and efficiency. Make a to-do list, prioritize tasks and prepare an action plan. Also, be adaptable and flexible. Never be too harsh on yourself, after all, you’re a human being and not a machine.

7. Learn to manage stress

Burnout is the cumulative effect of stress. Hence, whenever you encounter stress, look for ways to nip it in the bud. Mediation can be a good remedy. Positive thinking can also make a difference. Deep breathing, yoga and music are other effective ways to manage stress.

Happy female entrepreneur


Life is never the same, difficult times are usually interspersed with moments of happiness. You can neither mend your past nor choose your future. Hence, utilize the present to the fullest. Do away with things and people that make you sad. Enjoy the simple pleasures and stay happy always. This is the best remedy to dodge burnout effectively.

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