How to Use Webinars for Commercial Prospection?

How to Use Webinars for Commercial Prospection?

In order to succeed in their commercial prospection, companies are competing with each other and thinking outside the box. They rely heavily on the Internet to try to stand out from the competition and increase their turnover.

Many of you use webinars for prospection. This tool is an important marketing lever in the age of digitalization. Moreover, with the current health issues, the webinar offers significant advantages for SMEs, large groups and startups.

What do you need to know about webinars? How can you use it to develop and succeed in your commercial prospection? Focus on the subject.

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Towards a better understanding of the webinar and its challenges

Before delving into the various techniques for using webinars in commercial prospection, it is first necessary to understand how they work.

Brief definition of a webinar

The webinar is a very popular concept. It is a virtual seminar during which participants can interact. This is the definition from which the term was born: web + seminar. Here, the word “webinar” is the English version. In the French-speaking world, the term “webinaire” is used instead. However, both terms primarily define a “web conference”.

It is usually companies, brands and professionals who organise an online conference for marketing purposes. The event is focused on a particular topic and lasts on average 30 minutes to 1 hour, or much less, depending on the objective. People, often prospects, receive invitations to participate in the remote webinar. They are free to participate and ask questions.

Webinar: an interactive and communicative tool

The main issues of the webinar are :

  • interactivity ;
  • visibility; and
  • persuasiveness.

The web conference is indeed a powerful tool for the 21st century. It is accessible anywhere, which makes it a significant marketing lever. The tool is also distinguished by the opportunities it offers, namely

  • to raise awareness of the qualities of a product or service ;
  • demonstrating the expertise of a company
  • proposing solutions to various problems;
  • etc.

The strength of the webinar also lies in its interactive part. Participants are free to express their opinions during the webinar. The communication model used is also more friendly and in total opposition to the standard scheme where the audience remains passive. Because of these multiple advantages, more and more companies are placing webinars at the heart of their marketing strategy. This method constitutes a development lever for your commercial prospection actions.

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Tips for successful commercial prospection through webinars

As discussed earlier, the webinar is a high-impact communication and marketing tool. However, different aspects have to be taken into consideration to make it an effective tool in a commercial prospection.

Using webinars correctly

After organising an impactful and interesting webinar, your company should be able to generate leads with this tool. You can use the data collected from the webinar for example. This includes participants’ opinions, feelings, participation rates, questions asked, etc. This information will help you refine your target profile for commercial prospection.

Find webinar participants with a dedicated tool

Once you have defined the profiles of the prospects, you can easily find them through the social network LinkedIn. The Kaspr extension is a must for generating leads quickly. It allows you to find email addresses, phone numbers and other information about these people in record time.

In addition, Kaspr integrates an automation system into its tool. For example, by going to the LinkedIn event of your webinar, you can extract the information of your prospects and enrich it automatically.

It should be noted that Kaspr is one of the most popular tools used by salespeople and companies for prospection. You can easily integrate it into your marketing strategy to increase your turnover and guarantee a good return on investment. For the prospection stage to be a success, your webinar must nevertheless be an event that has made an impression on prospects. Otherwise, you risk working harder to convert your prospects into customers.

Analyse post-webinar statistics

At the end of the webinar, participants usually receive an email as a thank you. In some cases, the organisers also send an evaluation questionnaire to improve future webinars. The answers to these questions provide a framework for improving the organisational aspect of the webinar, the content, but also the quality of the product or service.

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In brief

A webinar is an effective way to develop a company’s visibility. This event goes beyond the time and availability constraints often encountered in communication actions. With relevant themes and rich content, your company becomes known and gets people talking (subtly) about its services.

But above all, the webinar is a way to provide solutions to prospects, while demonstrating your company’s expertise. The webinar allows you to interact with your potential prospects and offer them the answers to their questions. You can then track down these prospects and convert them into customers through proper prospection.

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