Helpful Technology Tips for Older Adults

Helpful Technology Tips for Older Adults

Technology has been advancing at an ever-increasing rate and it can often be challenging for anyone to stay relevant. Younger people who grew up with computers have an easier time utilizing the new smartphones, computers, and tablets. Unfortunately, the older generation can sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all. Many new devices, however, are perfect for individuals being introduced to technology later in life.

People over 60 have unique needs and expectations that could be helped by computers and tablets equipped with user-friendly attachments such as OneLaunch Chromium. The following points address some of the most in-demand technological features for older users.

Examining Needs

Mature adults have different needs when it comes to technology. Retirees might only be interested in staying in touch with family and friends, whereas some individuals could still be working and running businesses. Others might need help with medical management and exercise routines. Additionally, word puzzles and video games can be used to help with coordination and stimulate cognitive thinking.

Ease of Use

Regardless of work and entertainment needs, many older adults could be helped by using larger screens and keyboards with bigger buttons. Touch screens eliminate the need for scrolling and can help those burdened with arthritis and other mobility issues. Also, for those who aren’t familiar with traditional computers and technology, the ability to reach out and touch icons makes for a more user-friendly experience.

Older woman working with a laptop

Computers or Tablets

Computers have come a long way since desktop models hit the market. The advent of laptops allows for travel, while tablets and smartphones have made transporting devices easier and more efficient. Some older people might enjoy desktop computers because they are familiar with them, but those who are just learning could benefit from a touchscreen tablet or Chromebook.

Ultimately, the choice depends on technical ability, ease of use, and the needs of the individual.

Breaking Down Instructions

New technology can be daunting when instruction manuals are geared for the computer savvy. Smaller print can be hard to read and some individuals might not know how to find the online version for larger print.

User guides in large print with less technical language can be helpful, and family members can assist by creating step-by-step guides with keystrokes.

Technical Assistance

Many seniors feel frustrated with the customer assistance provided by manufacturers. Some companies have addressed the issue by training staff to walk users of all levels through troubleshooting scenarios.

Family members can also be helpful by showing older relatives how to use their devices rather than simply doing tasks for them.

Smart Home Technology

Setting up the home with smart technology can be an effective way for older adults to better utilize and get comfortable with modern technology. By using voice commands, they can play music, change channels on the television, and set alarms and reminders for appointments and medications.

Many older adults feel left behind and intimidated when it comes to modern technology, therefore they decline to participate. However, with the right technology and assistance, they can connect in ways to better meet needs and enhance their daily lives.

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