How to Use Corporate Email Signatures for Marketing

How to Use Corporate Email Signatures for Marketing

Undoubtedly, you have been using a business email signature for the official correspondence of your brand. However, do you still consider it just how to show your professional attitude and make a favorable impression?

Your email signature is no longer a way just to sign off your name and end the email politely. Therefore, it is high time to start exploring other marketing opportunities provided by email signatures.

Email signature marketing and email signature advertising can help advertise your products and services, drive traffic to your company website and blog, grow brand awareness, and convert leads efficiently.

Let’s break down all you need to do to set up a professional-looking and actionable email signature for your brand.

Use an email signature management tool

Email communication is the most widely applied medium of business communication, as 86% of business professionals prefer using email for business communication. Therefore, email signature marketing is a powerful tool in case applied wisely.

Careful choosing an email signature generator fitting your business needs is the very first task in your to-do list. Here are the key features to look for:

  • an easy to use interface and intuitive navigation
  • compatibility with email clients
  • extra features like editing and sharing of an email signature.
  • wide range of templates available
  • ability to add banners.
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Managing email signatures for the whole organization is no longer a daunting and time-consuming task. You can easily save yourself all the troubles using a dedicated app.

Create separate signatures for different departments

A universal email signature will not work in a large organization with numerous departments and employees with various functions and needs. As email signature is more than just name and title but is a part of branding, all the signatures within one company should follow the same structure and styling.

Luckily, there are many pre-made templates and excellent email signature examples to choose from. However, all the email signatures in your company should share standard features:

  1. Name and title of your company
  2. Corporate contact information
  3. Links to the company social media accounts
  4. Company logo

Once you create different email signatures for your employees, keep them updated. Make sure all the links, email addresses, and phones work fine, and the names of people correspond to their current positions.

Add CTAs to all email signatures

Every time you or your colleagues send an email, you have a chance to encourage an action. Done right, a correct CTA can drive your sales, increase traffic, downloads, and registrations, convert email receivers into loyal customers.

Email signature CTA
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When it comes to CTA, the most critical matter for consideration is design. You want an appealing, click-worthy, and actionable CTA, not just another button or link. Apart from design, it has the following crucial elements to take into account:

  1. The action you want to encourage or provoke
  2. The words you use to issue the call
  3. The physical appearance of the CTA.

Suffice to say that your CTA should be clear and point as you do not have much space to tell the readers why the action is worth taking. Its importance and benefits should be visible at first sight.

Run email signature banner campaigns

Email is where you already communicate with people. Adding a banner to your corporate email signature is an excellent way to inform this audience about something happening with your company. Thus, email signature banners are an interactive and attractive marketing channel.

here are some benefits of the emails signature banner campaign:

  • You can create several banners relevant to different departments and employees.
  • There are no ad blockers in emails.
  • Many different email signature banner campaigns can be running at the same time.
  • There is far less security risk.
  • You can capture the data on clicks via Google Analytics or any other email marketing automation software.
  • No expensive infrastructure is required for an email signature banner campaign.

However, using banners becomes useless if you do not update the information. Promotion of products or services which are no longer available is a dead end. Timing and strategy are essential for any marketing action.

Track your email signatures’ performance

An email signature is an ad campaign that requires performance tracking just like any other marketing effort. How much traffic does it bring, and what is the quality of this traffic? These questions are worth asking.

The good news is that email signatures are supremely trackable. A good email signature management tool will provide you with an opportunity to immediately analyze the contribution of a signature.

Email signature performance tracker
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Furthermore, a standard summary view usually shows click-throughs, links clicked, while a detailed view lists clicks by user, signature, and link clicked. Select a signature, period, or a particular campaign and get a breakdown of the performance.

Try to analyze, conclude, and improve your actions from time to time. Otherwise, you`ll keep missing the opportunities.

Mention any important updates in email signature banners

Implementing a thoughtful email signature to analyze the contribution of a signature immediately banner can help spread the news and promote your company’s important updates and events. Be sure to use every possible opportunity. Here are some creative ideas for your next email signature banner:

  • Use banners for advertising your products or services. Create a banner that sells those products and states your offer clearly, with a call to action at the end.
  • Use banners to promote your events. There is nothing easier than letting people know about the upcoming event via email signature banner.
  • Use banners to showcase testimonials. Let the email recipients know they are not the only ones who like your products.
  • Use banners to promote video and article releases. Get a few more vies or reads by sending out a specially crafted banner.
  • Use banners to extend holiday wishes. It is a good gesture to congratulate the email recipients and show your appreciation via a banner.


A vital benefit of email signature marketing is that it can be used by companies of all sizes representing various industries. Spicing up your emails with a corporate email signature can bring more significant results than you think.

Email signature marketing considerably enhances marketing abilities, increases brand awareness, and helps to promote multiple items at the same time to the appropriate leads. Undoubtedly, it is a marketing tool that requires minimum effort but provides a huge impact at almost no risk.

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