4 Types of Video Content that Will Grow Your Business in 2021 (with Infographic)

4 Types of Video Content that Will Grow Your Business in 2021 (with Infographic)

Video marketing has now become a staple in every savvy marketer’s overall business strategy. Not because the highly-performing type of marketing is shiny and new but because it’s effective as more and more internet users spend a lot of time watching videos.

As a marketer yourself, you shouldn’t leave the money on the table and start jumping on the bandwagon. However, with tons of marketing video types out there, it can be such a headache to choose the right ones for your business.

So, here are some essential, high-performing type of marketing videos you should consider creating this year to grow your business:

1. Product Demo Videos

One of the most ‘must-have’ ones is product demo videos. With this type of video, you can easily show prospects the features or functions of your product and what makes it different from your competitors in the market.

In other words, product demo videos make it easier for you to showcase how your product or service actually works, helping prospects to justify their decision to purchase. So, if you want to introduce a new feature or new product and want to tell prospects its value, product demo videos are your go-to.

2. Explainer Videos

The beauty of explainer videos is their conciseness. This type of marketing video is well-known for its ability to break down complicated ideas into more digestible chunks, making it easier for prospects to retain the crucial information.

Explainer videos allow you to give prospects a closer look at how the product solves a problem. This way, it doesn’t make you offer a hard sell or pitch, but rather outlining a problem your prospects face and trying to solve them.

Creating testimonial video

3. Customer Testimonial Videos

If you are struggling to win prospects’ trust, you need to seriously consider creating customer testimonial videos. This marketing video is a popular and most-used form of social proof.

In customer testimonial videos, you need to feature existing customers and tell how your products have helped them solve their problems. This way, it’d be much easier for your prospects to be convinced to try it themselves.

4. Recorded Webinars Videos

You can use or repurpose your recorded webinar videos as high-performing marketing content. It’s an excellent option for educating potential customers about issues related to your market or industry.

Recorded webinars videos are also easy to be carved into short, bite-sized videos where you can easily share on your social media or other digital platforms.

That’s been some essential type of marketing videos your business should create. Each of them has its own characteristics in a way to help you achieve the goals you set out in your video marketing strategy. So, make sure you define and understand your goal before you start creating your marketing videos.

Need more options? This infographic created by Breadnbeyond can show you more video content types to choose from:

Video content types infographic

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