Launching Your New Brand: 6 Online Marketing Tricks To Get You Started

Launching Your New Brand: 6 Online Marketing Tricks To Get You Started

Whether you are launching your new brand or redesigning your online strategy, there are a lot of different tips and tricks out there to help you. Choosing your strategy can be difficult, but there are some tactics that will get you started on the right foot.

Follow this guide to help you create and design your strategy.

Claim Your Brand

Your first step is claiming your brand. After choosing your name, you need to ensure that you are the only one using it. Start with a simple Google search for other sites that may use the word or phrases to ensure that the messaging fits your product.

Next, create a list of every social media site used in your target country. For example, in China, Weibo is wildly popular, on the other hand in Turkey, Instagram is the more commonly used. Then go through and claim your brand name on all the pages you found. Even if you do not intend on using that SNS page, you don’t want someone else publishing content with your corporate brand attached to it.

Working on business marketing plan

Create a Marketing Plan

Once you have claimed your social media, you need to create a content marketing plan. There are a lot of details you will want to cover in this document, including what you want to post, messaging, audience and your story. All of these details need to be consistent and focused on the target audience for those pages, including which hashtags you will use to associate with your brand. For example, #yourbrandnamehere, so that when your audience wants to engage or show off your products, they know how to reach you.

These details may seem small, but they make a big impact on creating real engagement from your audience. Also, it allows you to track how well your content is performing.

Provide A Strong Value Proposition

It’s important to launch your new brand with a good impact or first impression. Hence, it’s advisable to provide a strong value proposition to your target investors, clients, and other stakeholders.

Aside from maintaining high-quality products and services, your new brand must be able to deliver an impactful value proposition every time. Whether you’re planning to deliver it through an email campaign, direct mail, blog, through your ads and signages, or any type of content, make sure that your value proposition answers or resolves the needs of your prospects.

What is a value proposition? It’s a promise you give to your customers and other stakeholders. Your value proposition must align with your business objectives and target key results. In addition, you should consider important factors when writing a value proposition for any brand messaging, such as funnel content marketing.

An effective value proposition is a company’s unique identifier, highlighting why prospects should choose to work with the company instead of its competitors. A good value proposition should be able to define the reasons (objectives), the ways (actionable steps), and the expected results (backed by data).

When you’re able to explain all of these things in a concise value proposition, the better.

Utilize Social Media

While writing your strategy, keep in mind what platforms you will be posting on and when. For example, Instagram is an image-based site, so you need to create content rich with imagery and timely to current events or holidays. However, the content that you post on Instagram may not be fitting for Facebook or LinkedIn, but you want to keep the same messaging on all pages. This will help you create marketing consistency for your product.

As you pick your social media handles, you want to keep in mind the number of users for each page to ensure that you are reaching both a targeted audience as well as a broad range of users to increase your visibility.

Excite Your Userbase

Traditional social media marketing advice is simple, create engaging content. However, translating that into actionable work is a different story.

What will land as a viral marketing campaign is difficult to determine. The easiest way to engage your audience is by exciting your userbase. You can do this by taking advantage of resources like Jukin Media for user-created content or asking your followers questions to encourage them to respond to you directly.

By engaging with your audience, you can get a better idea of what works with your customers. You can then take this information, both the response rate and the type of responses, to build a better model for future marketing plans.

Brand launch planning

Plan Your Campaigns

Once you have a baseline of information, you can start planning out your campaigns to improve your engagement rate. As you start to plan, think about how long you can market that message before you over-saturate your content with the messaging and start losing followers.

You should not be afraid of pulling a campaign that is not working as well. Additionally, have some additional materials planned in case your users are eager for more campaign-related content. Another way to improve your engagement rate is to look for partners to help promote your materials. These partners can be influencers, companies or fans of your product.

The higher you can get your engagement, the more well-known your company and brand will be.

Review Review Review

No marketing plan can ever be perfect, and if the past year has taught the world anything, it is be prepared for everything. With changes in political and social environments, you need to constantly review and update your content, launch plans and schedules to avoid a marketing disaster. For example, you may find that a post that was funny at the beginning of the year is no longer socially acceptable.

Alternatively, you may get inspired by a recent event to create new content. Finally, you want to review your campaigns and see what is working and what is falling flat. Don’t forget to continue to check your work at the beginning, middle and end of each campaign.

As you continue in your business, your brand will grow and blossom with the right leadership model and a quick response time.

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