Top 20 Email Marketing Software for 2020

Top 20 Email Marketing Software for 2020

Email marketing software is essential because it allows your business to integrate and make the correct strategic decisions. Options like Mass emailing to autoresponder save plenty of resources, allowing businesses to allocate those to more crucial functions and activities.

Email marketing software is designed to simplify the automation of your email communications with prospective clients, thus allowing you to grow your list faster and better. However, there is a good deal of email marketing software tools that choosing the best becomes difficult for those who are new to email marketing.

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If you’re looking for the right solution for your business, this article can help you out. Here is a look at the top 20 Email Marketing Software for 2020 for your consideration.

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

This email marketing software is easy to run and can easily be personalized to suit your needs. It also has an intuitive interface that makes it very easy for you to create lists and content. You can use this software to scale your email marketing strategies easily and in the process, you can turn more leads into paying customers.

2. Omnisend

What makes this email marketing software so good is that it is a comprehensive service that allows your brand to grow without any problems. With it, you can easily convert your visitors into customers and it also helps you create emails in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it is great for automating your email marketing campaign.

3. SendX

SendX is great because it is affordable. At the same time, it is also very intuitive and loaded with features that make life easy for marketers as well as business owners. With it, marketers can easily use a simple UI. It also allows you to send as many emails as you want and has powerful automation features as well.

4. Bitrix24

This software is among a handful of CRM systems that offer free email marketing software. It is an outstanding customer relationship management software that easily helps you create as many static or dynamic segments as possible for each customer group.

5. EngageBay

The nice thing about this software is the ease with which you can grow your business. You can choose from different readymade templates for your emails. The interface is also very easy to use and you can use it to create some really impressive templates.

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6. Sender

If you are engaged in e-commerce activities then you can use this software to easily send marketing emails. In the process, you can drive up your revenue for a very nominal price. With it, you can send transaction emails and newsletters that will help you convert the recipients into buying customers.

7. SalesFlare

This is an intelligent email marketing software that is being used by many small and medium businesses. With it, you can sell more without too much effort. It also automatically sends email sequences so that you can get in touch with your clients in a more personalized manner.

8. EmailOctopus

This is a very affordable software that is diverse and at the same time, it makes it easy for you to create customized reports. Best of all, it makes it easy for you to drip your email sequences and you can import all your contacts as well as integrate the software with forms.

9. Agile CRM

If you want to send professional emails and newsletters, this is the best email marketing software. You can personalize your emails and at the same time, you can also easily track and analyze the results thrown up by this software.

10. Routee

This outstanding comprehensive email marketing software makes it easy for business to improve their sales and reduce the cost of communicating with clients. You only have to pay according to the volume of emails sent. You can use this software to personalize your email marketing campaign and you can also update transactions as well as automate your emails.

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11. Moosend

This software not only packs a real punch but also it comes with the very best features. It uses the latest marketing automation, and its interface is so good that it has won many awards. You can use this to manage your email campaigns and mailing lists.

12. GetResponse

This software is great because it makes it easy to connect directly with all your clients anytime and at any place. Over thirty-five thousand companies use it for more than two decades and its deliverability is the best you can find anywhere.

13. ZeroBounce

This is the best software for businesses wishing to protect their reputations. The nice thing about this software is that it easily identifies and eliminates abuse and spam. It is powerful as well as very deliverable.

14. WebEngage

This full-stack marketing software is great for businesses wishing to improve their bottom lines and who want to earn more from their existing clients. With you, you can easily make and deliver cross-channel communications based on user insights.

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15. Gmail

Gmail puts the cloud to full use. It allows your business to send and receive as well as organize and even transact and schedule its emails across more than one user account.

16. Intercom

The nice thing about using this email marketing software is that it allows you to improve your customer relationships with its top-ranked Business Messenger.

17. Hunter

If you need to find and verify a company’s address, then this is the software that does the best job. With it your business can easily identify and verify those addresses of companies and domains. It is a web-based software that provides very useful service to businesses.

18. MailTrack

This is a top-ranked email tracker provided to you by Gmail. With it you can add checkmarks to the Gmail without needing to pay a penny. It is an unrivaled email tracking software as well.

19. AWeber Email Marketing

When you use this email marketing software, life becomes very easy for businesses wishing to turn their passive prospects into loyal paying customers. This is very easy to use software that does an excellent job of automating your emails—backed by round-the-clock customer support as well.

20. Platformly

This is an intelligent marketing software tool that makes it easy for businesses to grow through multichannel audience engagement.

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Tools are aplenty, but what you do with those determines the end results. Make sure that you use free trials if these are available to have a look-see whether the features are the ones that answer your business needs.

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