Health & Wellness Business Ideas to Start in 2020

Health & Wellness Business Ideas to Start in 2020

During the current pandemic, many employees are converting themselves into entrepreneurs who are able to channel their passions while simultaneously pivoting their careers. Times were trending toward health and wellness in 2019 and that only spiked when COVID-19 started to spread and pushed people to prioritize their well-being.

If you’re keen to start a health and wellness business but don’t know where to start, look no further. Here are six business ideas within the health and wellness industry.

The sales guy

Sell health and wellness products

Some countless supplements and ingredients help people with specific illnesses, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle goals. More is being learned of the positive effects of CBD on numerous ailments and diseases due to legalization. You could partner with CBD product manufacturers and get these products into the hands of patients who need them. With your thorough knowledge of these items, you can create or sell products for consumers of all sorts to help them achieve their better wellbeing.

Create an online store to sell your products, or even open your brick-and-mortar store location.


Create a health and wellness blog

If you think of yourself as an expert in the health and wellness field, then create a blog devoted to all things health and wellness. You can create a following with your insightful content — through your blog and social media platforms. As your following grows, you can earn profits through ad deals and sponsorships.

Make the effort to collaborate with other influencers in your industry so you can form lasting connections and progress your brand image.

Stay fit

Become a certified personal trainer

People want to make better health choices and enhance their physical appearance and health but lack the knowledge or background to take that initial step. This is where a personal trainer comes in. If you love spending time at the gym, you can become a certified personal trainer and work with clients and teach them to reach their health and wellness goals.

Depending on your schedule’s adaptability, you can choose to meet in person or over video chat, or you can even create fitness routines for your clients to view or download online.


Create a corporate retreat center

With team-building exercises on the rise, many CEOs are choosing to take their employees on corporate retreats. However, not all retreat centers are created equally. While they exist to help workers unwind and form deeper relationships with their associates and collaborators, many centers have an adverse impact on morale among employees. With your enthusiasm for health and wellness, you can bridge this gap by opening your corporate retreat center to help companies enjoy well-deserved relaxation time.

Create a program of exciting team activities, healthy meals, and inspiring exhibitions and trainings. If you want to get fancy, you can offer special amenities like cosmetic laser treatments. Check out cosmetic laser warehouse to outfit your spa to the nines with services visitors will love.

Level up

Start a certified health coaching business

A lot like personal training, certified health coaching or life coaching involves helping clients make lasting and sustainable changes in their lives, guiding them toward their personal goals. However, rather than focusing on the physique alone, health coaching focuses on the power of the mind as well, facilitating healthier behavior and habits. Like personal training, the schedule is flexible.

If you choose to become a virtual coach, you can accept and meet with clients from all across the country or the world via phone or video sessions.


Become a personal chef

Use your passion and talent for healthy cooking to your advantage as a personal chef. You can work one-on-one with clients, teach large classes on healthy cooking habits or you can even create customized meal plans, and prep food for your clients based on their goals or health needs.

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