New Devices and Their Benefits to Daily Life

New Devices and Their Benefits to Daily Life

As technology continues to advance, menial tasks are now completed in less time. Listed below are a few of the new devices designed to make life less complicated.

Parking Enforcement

In the past, law enforcement professionals had to do manual searches to issue parking tickets. Today, with a parking enforcement device, they can check whether there are any prior parking tickets, issue citations, and check permits. These devices also allow for payment collections and print outs in real-time. The use of a cloud-based platform provides improved efficiency and flexibility. Additionally, by using cameras, they can also scan a license plate to see if the permit applies to that vehicle.

BenQ InstaShow S WDC20

For large businesses that hold monthly presentations, the BenQ InstaShow may prove a valuable addition. It’s wireless and connects to almost any device allowing up to four professionals to share their information in real-time. The device also transforms their laptops into touch screens and has built-in security safeguards. It’s compact and wireless and takes communication to the next level.

Skyroam Solis 4G LTE Hotspot

If your business requires a lot of travel outside of the country, Skyroam Solis can create a safe and reliable connection allowing you to conduct meetings and keep your staff in the loop while away. It’s portable, round, and orange for easy identification. It also has a run time of approximately 16 hours and contains an adapter, allowing you to use it to charge other devices too. Simply charge it up prior to your trip and you’re ready to go. With this device, you can perform functions like sending an SMS, an email containing your location, and keep informed of the local news and weather.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock

In recent history, laptop designs have fewer ports. As a result, travel docks offer a way to offset this trend. The OWC USB-C is compact in size for easy portability and high-performance. It lets you deliver up to 100W to your laptop or other device featuring a Type-C plug. It includes two USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, a type-c connector, and an SD card reader.

FLIR One Pro

Professionals like the home inspector out in the field can use the FLIR One Pro to identify possible trouble spots in a building or home. The portable device includes a camera with thermal imaging capabilities. In conjunction with a USB-C, you can clip it quickly to the bottom of your phone. It acts as an extension to your phone’s camera, allowing for the display of heat information.

Invoxia NVX200 Desk Phone

Every small business owner is always on the hunt for ways to reduce overhead expenses. The Invoxia NVX200 makes it easy to cancel your landline and use your smartphone instead. Most of your staff already have iPhones. This device with an abundance of handy features lets you convert the smartphone to a desk phone. It comes with a variety of connectors and adapters to work with most smartphones.

diskAshur Pro 500GB

With more people conducting their business from home, security is a huge concern. The dishAshur Pro 500GB device features a rugged, water and dust-resistant design that’s lightweight and portable. It works with many operating systems and provides exceptional security. The device includes a keypad that requires a pin entry from 7 to 15 digits to release any of the stored information.

The age of technology is in full swing. With each passing year, newer devices will continue to emerge to make business applications easier. As the workforce environment continues to grow and evolve, increasing the number of remote workers, technological advancements will be there.

Cover photo credit: Mobile Tech Podcast / YouTube

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