Pandemic-Proof Services for Businesses 

Pandemic-Proof Services for Businesses 

With the Coronavirus pandemic shutting down large sectors of the economy, many businesses are facing pressure to cut back on spending. In most states, nonessential businesses have been ordered to temporarily close their doors to protect public health.

Even though many businesses have locked the doors, there are still a number of services that remain essential to their operations. What are they?

Security camera system

Alarms and Security

Whether or not your business is closed, alarm and security services are essential to any business. Not only do they provide peace of mind, but they also help protect your bottom line.

The damages from a burglary or robbery can be crippling in the best of times. With revenues dropping across all sectors of the economy, and many storefronts shuttered, protecting your property and inventory has never been more important.


It might seem like a no-brainer for a business to suspend landscaping services until their offices and stores reopen. However, most companies continue to rely on local landscapers to maintain the greenspace surrounding their properties.

For one thing, they don’t want to give the impression they’ve gone out of business. There may also be local laws that require property owners to keep grass cut and bushes trimmed. Lastly, many companies simply prefer to keep their properties looking their best despite being unused.

Cybersecurity adoption

Cybersecurity Services

While some businesses can’t move their employees to remote work, many sectors of the economy have been able to keep chugging along from living rooms across the country. Financial services, information technology services, and many others are operating remotely for the first time ever.

Most companies in these critical sectors recognize that data security is more critical now than ever, and they’re hiring cybersecurity consultants to help them build their infrastructure quickly.

Call Centers

Businesses large and small often depend on third-party call centers to provide customer and client support. In a time of stay at home orders and service cutbacks, customers are no longer able to visit a physical location for support.

Call centers can operate remotely and are able to continue to provide ready access to customer support for business across a wide variety of sectors. As the pandemic continues on, it may become a new normal for customers to seek support entirely by phone.

Cleaning and sanitation service

Cleaning and Sanitation Services

Cleaning and sanitation services are critical to countless businesses in the best of times. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing on, disinfection is absolutely critical to any workplace where customers or employees are still on site. While wiping down the counter and sweeping the floor may be fine for normal times, the kind of cleaning services needed during the pandemic requires a bit more time and know-how.

Many companies small and large are hiring professional cleaning services to disinfect their facilities and keep their employees and customers safe.


Overall, while the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the economy and temporarily closed many businesses, there are a number of essential services that can’t be cut back. Even as companies face pressure to tighten their belts, it’s absolutely essential to maintain at least a basic level of services in preparation for the return to normal.

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