4 Uses of AI in the Voice Transcription Industry

4 Uses of AI in the Voice Transcription Industry

Voice transcription services have been around for a long time. Training courses mean that you can become a skilled transcriptionist. However, accuracy, turnaround time and expense has limited the experience many have with the voice transcription industry. But that is all changing.

Artificial intelligence is making its way into the voice transcription industry. Software is emerging that offers everybody the opportunity to access quick and affordable transcription services. From the courtroom to the academic world, AI can help how people interact with data.

Let’s take a look at four uses of artificial intelligence in the voice transcription industry and how it’s helping.

Fast Courtroom Transcription

The court system is notorious for its backlog of cases. This means that legal professionals can wait weeks for a transcript that they need. This is due to the use of manual transcription and the amount of cases coming through the system. However, the good news is that the use of AI in the voice transcription industry is going to make this a lot easier.

Software can be used to provide fast courtroom transcription to provide legal experts with everything they need to perform their job. This can help with other cases that are going on and to ensure justice.

Providing Accurate Captioning

Captioning is provided on different types of media for the benefit of those who are deaf and hard of hearing. In addition, it can be useful if you are in an environment where sound is not permitted. AI transcription is likely to make this process a lot easier and faster.

Companies have responsibilities to provide accurate, synchronous and complete captioning on television programs and movies according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Artificial intelligence can improve the accuracy and allow companies to provide captioning a lot easier than before. There is no reliable on manual closed captioning.

Learning student

Help in the Academic Sphere

Students and professors can enjoy help from AI transcription in the future too. In fact, they can already benefit from this technology. For example, students can use audio recordings of lectures and seminars and have them created into transcripts. This can help with learning and mean that they have all the information they need for good grades. It can also help professors learning in the academic sphere too if they are attending conferences or meetings.

Instead of playing a lot for manual transcription, voice transcription software can make the process more affordable for everyone in the academic world.

Part of Media Monitoring

Media coverage is everywhere with lots of news channels on television and radio. This means that a lot of businesses have to monitor the media and what everybody is saying. This might be for political campaigns or for commercial reasons. It is likely that artificial intelligence and transcription will start to play a role in media monitoring. It can convert any recordings and spoken content into transcriptions, which will boost efficiency.

This is going to be helpful to a lot of businesses.

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