Why Companies Need to Rethink Their Communication Strategy for Remote Teams (Infographic)

Why Companies Need to Rethink Their Communication Strategy for Remote Teams (Infographic)

Communication has evolved beyond imagination, especially in the last decade. From what was earlier confined to written letters was slowly replaced by formal emails. The means of communication, even within an enterprise environment has expanded exponentially, spanning the entire workforce- from C-Suite executives to frontline employees. But email still isn’t the most dependable means of communication. In rapidly changing times and a perimeter-less workforce, the accessibility and promptness of an email are not reliable.

The workforce today has a diverse mix of frontline employees, desk-less employees and last-mile delivery employees that may or may not have access to the corporate email. Engaging the employees who work outside the traditional boundaries of a physical office is hence challenging. Keeping them abreast of company updates and transferring key resources further becomes difficult.

Also, the scope of work may involve contractual employees, freelancers and skilled individuals who are not a part of the organization. Hence, making corporate email available to them or inviting them to intranets is also not a viable option. But these executives need to be connected to the several teams that are co-dependent for work.

To ensure quick communication and collaboration, it is hence imperative to choose modern communication tools. But while doing so, it is extremely critical to first revamp the communication strategy- to ensure that the communication has no lapses and the information is shared within a secure firewall.

This critical security need eliminates the commonly used alternative of email- like messaging apps and/or social media. And hence, companies cannot simply move forward without giving communication strategy a thought. Communication strategy serves as an essential base for the overall success of communication within an enterprise environment. And hence, companies need to rethink their overall communication strategy to make most of the diverse workforce, keep up with the changing demands of collaboration and ensure that security is never compromised.

With remote work being the need of the hour, it is high time that companies reevaluate their communication strategy and ensure that their teams are connected and engaged.

As organizations gear towards creating a new communication strategy, this infographic reinforces the need to do the same with insightful data around how communication has evolved. From the challenges faced by the remote teams and how an effective communication strategy can help to mitigate them successfully.

Check out this infographic to understand the facts and insights around remote communication and how a modern team communication app can be the right solution!

Remote teams communication strategy - infographic


Infographic Source- Scalefusion

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