Remote Office Culture: How to Maintain Team Solidarity

Remote Office Culture: How to Maintain Team Solidarity

Today, it doesn’t make sense to force everyone to go to a workplace to work. Collaboration tools, mobile tech and the Internet have changed how business is run, and if you think that sticking to the old ways of doing business, you are missing out the perks of adopting remote working arrangements and remote office settings.

You may say BYOD is the solution to remote office, but I personally think that “full” remote working arrangements, where employees can work anytime, anywhere they want can solve the age-old problem of wasting time going from and to the workplace.

With that said, it is important for a business to foster its remote office culture by doing what’s necessary in order to enhance teamworking, encourage collaboration and keep all communication channels wide open. The best way to do all of those is by managing and maintaining team solidarity.

The big question is: How to manage and maintain team solidarity in a remote office setting?

This infographic can show you how:

Source: Villanova Online MBA Program

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