Contact Centre as a Service: How to Choose The Right Provider

Contact Centre as a Service: How to Choose The Right Provider

Contact centres play a crucial role in your customer experience strategy. What your clients receive from your company – both tangible and intangible – influence their purchasing decisions. Although most businesses outsource their contact services to other agencies, they need to choose their contact service provider carefully. But what role does Customer Contact Centres play in business? And why are these services generally outsourced? Read on to find out.

Contact centres Facilitate Client Communication

The customer will associate the service they receive from a customer contact centre with the brand/company they are attempting to contact. A negative or less than satisfactory company contact service experience will leave them reluctant to engage in business with your company again. It could also bring down your brand image in the general public’s eye when this information spreads via word of mouth. Companies outsource contact centre services in order to facilitate smooth communication between the customer and company representatives. Your company may not have the required manpower to allow for customer contact service integration within your in-house business operations. Your employees may not have the skill set required to provide these services. Starting to hire additional employees with the express motive of them providing contact services for your company is often more expensive than outsourcing this service to an experienced third party.

Staff at inbound call centre

How to Pick the Right Contact Centre for Your Company

We guide you below on tips that will help your company pick the right contact centre services provider for itself –

1. Determine your specific customer contact needs as a company

When you know your requirements well, you will be able to find ways to have them met better. So before you proceed to interviewing any call centres for the position, ask yourself the availability and range of services you would like. E.g., would you like your company customer care services to be provided 24/7 or during your business hours only?

2. Gather referrals

If you’ve already shortlisted a few call centre agencies to outsource your customer contact services to, make it a point to contact their past clients for reviews. They will be able to tell you how effective the call centre is, in handling customer queries and providing adequate solutions for the same.

3. Understand how the call centre works

You will want to ascertain the average number of calls that they can cater to, on a daily basis. Learning how the call centre deals with power outages and other such business inconveniences will also let you know how dependable their services are. Another criterion to focus on, for companies that provide their services internationally, is whether the contact service team at the call centre is multilingual, or has a section of employees who are multilingual.

Call centre staff taking calls


Customer experience is at the heart of any business in our times. Customer contact services form an integral part of the customer experience offered by a company. Provide your customers with an unpleasant contact experience, and they will not think twice before migrating to another company. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to choose only the most reliable contact centre service provider to outsource your customer contact services to. The tips shared above should help you make the right decision towards this end. Good luck with your endeavor.

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