True Colors: What Colors Should you Choose for your Office Design?

True Colors: What Colors Should you Choose for your Office Design?

If you are currently going about decorating your office, you might have already made your mind up about what colors to include: your own branding colors. It’s not necessarily a bad idea, but you shouldn’t feel obliged to just take cues from your company’s logo and publicity designs.

That’s because selecting the colors for your office space isn’t just an art. It can also be a science – that of color psychology, to be exact. Here’s how to weave the right colors into your office space.

What colors fit with your brand?

These aren’t necessarily just the literal colors of your brand, as we have started touching upon. Nonetheless, it remains wise to include them, as they can help maintain employees’ morale, as BusinessBlogs acknowledges. You should also consider hues compatible with your brand.

Think about it: what story do you want to tell? What overall image do you seek to foster? These questions can act as a starting point while you take account of the other pointers in this article.

How do you want your employees to feel?

If your workforce seem to keep running into familiar problems, such as faltering productivity or concentration, you might be able to alleviate the issue with your color selection. For example, if stress is a common occurrence, applying some green could have a soothing effect.

The same could be said of blue, but it can sometimes drag productivity, too. Yellow, meanwhile, can help wake up docile employees but also increase anxiety, Small Business Trends warns.

Therefore, it’s possible that no single color is the silver bullet for your workplace woes. The real trick comes in combining colors to maximize the benefits while reining in the drawbacks. Your chosen colors should complement each other and flow through the office harmoniously.

Colorful office design

What industry do you work in?

It’s no accident that red is often chosen for crucial tools in the emergency services – think fire extinguishers and fire engines. The fiery color increases the heart rate and blood flow, making it an ideal color to apply to anything that warrants especially strong attention, says Entrepreneur.

However, the intensity of red means that it could spur arguments – not ideal if you work in a highly collaborative environment. If you work in a creative agency alongside the likes of writers, artists and designers, you might want to switch to mellow yellow, which is thought to encourage innovation.

What if you work in healthcare? Here, too, red should probably be avoided. After all, it’s the color of blood. Think about adopting blue or green instead as a way of easing anxiety in your patients.

Consider applying color on a space-by-space basis

Naturally, not every room in your office will be used for the exact same purpose. Therefore, you should carefully consider the purpose of a given space before letting rip with a specific color for it. If you are uncertain what color to settle on, office design services from Maris could help you to overcome your indecisiveness for your employees’ benefit.

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