How Lighting Can Affect Manufacturing Productivity

How Lighting Can Affect Manufacturing Productivity

When you’re looking to boost productivity in business, one thing you don’t typically think about is your lighting. However, did you know that the lighting in your manufacturing business can have a direct link to productivity?

Here, you’ll discover how lighting can affect manufacturing productivity and how it can be improved.

Reduced morale

The morale of your workers directly impacts how productive they are. If your employees are happy and healthy, they’ll automatically be much more productive and motivated. However, if morale suffers, so too will your manufacturing productivity.

Lighting is known to have an impact on workplace morale. This is especially true in the winter months. Many employees can suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), triggered by a lack of natural lighting in the winter months. This can lead to depression, which will prevent them from being at their best in the workplace. By installing the right type of lighting, it can boost morale and therefore increase productivity.

Quality and safety issues

The right lighting can also boost quality and safety within the workplace. In terms of quality, poor lighting can make it difficult to spot potential defects in products. Quality is crucial in the manufacturing sector, with businesses reliant upon producing defect-free products.

Poor lighting can also have an impact on workplace safety. Did you know that standard fluorescent lighting can cause health issues such as headaches? By installing the right lighting, these issues can be eliminated.

Plenty of lighting in a beverage manufacture

What can you do?

So, now you’ve learnt a little about the negative impacts poor lighting can have on manufacturing productivity, how can you resolve them?

The best type of lighting to have in a manufacturing environment is LED. This type of lighting mimics natural light, reducing health related issues and helping to boost morale. It’s also brighter than standard artificial lighting, helping to boost quality and safety within the workplace. Although initially more expensive to install, affordable LED options can be found through RS and other leading suppliers.

While you may not think about how the lighting in your workplace affects your workers, if you want to boost productivity it’s a key area to focus on. The above are just some of the benefits LED lighting can deliver in terms of manufacturing productivity. As well as boosting productivity, LED lighting can also reduce your energy costs in the long-term as it uses less power than traditional artificial lighting.

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