Get the Compensation You Deserve: Top Reasons to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

Get the Compensation You Deserve: Top Reasons to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

Should you hire a workers comp lawyer? The answer is yes. Read this guide to learn the top reasons to hire a workers comp lawyer.

Are you not receiving the assistance that your employer owes you?

Workers compensation is designed to help employees when they suffer injuries in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employers try to deny the rights to compensation that their employees have.

If you’re someone that’s been injured at work and your employer isn’t helping you, a workers comp lawyer will help you get the assistance you deserve,

Continue reading to learn more about workers comp lawyers and what they do.

What is a Workers Comp Lawyer?

A workmans comp lawyer is someone that sets out to help you receive workers’ compensation, which are insurance benefits owed to you from your employer.

When an employer attempts to prevent you from getting compensation, a workers comp attorney will prove to the insurer why you deserve compensation. They will also ensure that you understand everything happening in the process.

To be clear, most states require workers’ compensation. If you suffer an injury while at work, you will most likely be eligible for workers’ comp assistance.

If your employer doesn’t have the insurance, you might be able to sue them, with help from a workers comp lawyer, after being injured. It’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe at all times.

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What They Can Do for You

People hire workers comp lawyers because they take care of a variety of tasks that would otherwise be difficult for the average person. To ensure that you receive compensation, there are several things a work injury lawyer will do:

Provide Evidence

The most important thing a workers compensation lawyer does is produce evidence that proves you deserve compensation. Without a lawyer, many employees get their workers comp denied due to lack of evidence.

Often, those that do manage to get their claims accepted don’t receive as much as they could get. With a lawyer, your case will be strengthened with the right documents, giving you a better chance of receiving higher compensation.

Workers comp lawyers will gather evidence such as medical records, proof of treatment and medical suggestions from doctors, testimonies, and any evidence relating to poor workplace safety.

Negotiate with Insurer

After a sufficient amount of evidence has been gathered, a workman’s comp lawyer will then go through a negotiation process with your employer’s insurer. This consists of deciding how much compensation you should receive.

Rather than negotiating yourself, a lawyer will know more about how much you should receive based on your injuries and ability to work. They will use the gathered evidence to justify your claim.

There are several things that insurers take into account when considering the benefits, such as:

  • How bad the injuries are
  • How long you will be out of work
  • The cost of medical treatment
  • How much money you regularly earn

Negotiating with the insurer is similar to negotiating with a seller of a product. Workers comp lawyers know how to negotiate and can tell when an insurer is offering something too low.

Represent You in Court

Sometimes, an insurer will refuse to come to a reasonable agreement with the claimant. This will lead to going to court and proving your case in front of a judge. In any court setting, it’s wise to have a lawyer.

In court, a lawyer will present all the evidence, discuss the negotiations with the insurance company, and speak to witnesses in front of the judge.

Presenting your case in a workers’ comp trial can be better than negotiating with an insurer because there’s no chance for the insurance company to fool you. It also puts pressure on your employer and their insurer.

Keep You Informed

Throughout the entire process, a workers compensation lawyer will keep you informed on what’s happening. They must keep you updated and let you know when something comes up.

In case there’s an opportunity to file a claim against a third party, a work injury lawyer will inform you. Receiving an injury due to a faulty product is one reason to file a claim against a third party.

A lawyer will also provide you with information about other services that may help you, such as rehabilitation or disability.

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Common Accidents at Work

Here are a few accidents that can happen at work, potentially making you eligible for compensation:


Falling due to a slippery floor or uneven floor can lead to numerous injuries. It’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure that the floors are clean and nothing is sticking out to trip people.

If a floor is wet, they are required to place a sign stating so. If a floor mat is protruding, they need to remove it or flatten it.

Being Hit by an Object

Getting hit by a fallen object is highly dangerous because it can cause you to suffer from head injuries. If a workplace is under construction, headgear must be provided to protect from loose objects.

Sufficient storage should be provided in office environments to give employees space to store items. If an object falls from a cupboard, an employee can still be struck and receive injuries.

Toxic Fumes

Working in an environment that has toxic fumes in the air can be dangerous to employees if they’re not wearing the proper equipment. These fumes can damage the body and knock people unconscious.

In a regular office environment, employers need to ensure that their gas systems are fully functional and that there are no toxic fumes in the area before having regular workers in the building.

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

When you receive an injury in the workplace due to something out of your control, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Hiring a workers comp lawyer will help you receive any deserved compensation.

If you believe that your employer owes you benefits, hire a workers comp lawyer today!

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