5 Workplace Benefits of Using Employee Name Tags

5 Workplace Benefits of Using Employee Name Tags

Employee name tags aren’t just used for no reason – they provide several safety and productivity benefits in the workplace! Learn about them here.

Job hunting is time-consuming, but a necessary activity most people will do.

Composing and updating your resume, crafting a personalized cover letter, and maintaining recommendations are some of the tasks involved.

After weeks or months of diligence, you score an interview. Sometimes you’re invited back for a second or third interview.

Then finally, they extend an offer of employment. Depending on the company and position, you may need a background check, fingerprints, and a pre-employment drug test. But the hard work pays off when you’re asked to pose for your employee name tag badge.

Receiving employee name tags is a highlight of starting a new job.

Unfortunately, not all companies use them. But it’s okay. We’ve gathered 5 reasons why your business should take advantage of implementing employee name badges.

What Are Employee Name Tags?

Employee name tags are identification for the worker. Types of name tags include metal, magnetic, plastic, and custom. Some companies like reusable name tags to cut down on costs.

Most badges show the name, job title, and picture of the person wearing it. Making it easier for co-workers and customers to identify the person.

Who Wears Employee Name Tags?

Employee name tags get used in any field. Whether you work for a fast-food restaurant, a marketing firm, university, or military branch, displaying your name is necessary.

From the custodians to the president or principal, all full-time and part-time employees will have a name tag. If the company hires interns, they may not receive a company name badge. Instead, they may get a temporary tag with their name and intern title.

New employee name tag

Here are some benefits of using name tags in the workplace.

1. Feel Like a Team Member

Being a new employee is exciting but challenging. When beginning your new job, anxiety occurs because you want to make a good impression. You might even doubt your skills and ability to do the job well.

But when you clip on or hang your employee name tag for the first time pride flows through you.

No longer are you the job candidate. You’re now the new team member. As a new team member, you represent the company and their selection of you.

Although you won’t learn everything overnight. Your confidence will increase when people in training or your department begin to learn your name or remember your face. Thanks to wearing name tags you’ll fit in.

2. Increases Security

How many times have you turned on the news to hear about someone impersonating an employee? Gaining access to a hospital, school, or store isn’t difficult. It happens more often than you would think. Any business is susceptible to a stranger getting inside and pretending to work there.

Companies that require employee name badges make staff security a priority. While name tags aren’t a full-proof method of monitoring who is inside an office, it helps. Current staff members will get recognized by their company name tags. Ex-employees will stand out if they aren’t wearing one.

When your staff doesn’t wear name tags it creates an environment of chaos, especially when situations occur.

A good example of needing employee name badges is when your business must evacuate. During an evacuation locating company, the staff is easier with visible name tags.

The same is true if your company performs a lockdown. You can spot a person who doesn’t belong because they won’t have an employee badge.

3. Develops Customer Rapport

Helping your customers or clients feel comfortable is part of building rapport. By learning the names and faces of a client, you make them feel important.

In turn, clients appreciate putting a name to a voice on the phone or a face to a helpful staff member. It saves them the trouble of tracking down the right person for their issue.

True, people take vacations or sick days. But if a customer knows who they want, it’ll their visit or inquiry smoother.

4. Makes Employees Accountable

When things go right, it’s a celebration for the employee and their supervisor. When things go wrong, someone needs to be accountable.

Customer service is the foundation of every business. People want to know their questions are heard. They also want their business appreciated.

If a customer reports poor service by an employee, then a name badge links a worker to the incident.

When staff members aren’t required to wear a badge, employee accountability decreases. An employee can give a false name to a difficult customer. Creating difficulty in discovering what transpired between the employee and customer. While cameras can help, employee badges give an identity to the accused.

5. Strengthen Corporate Identity

Branding your company establishes yourself as an authority. Each company logo is distinctive and helps a potential or current client associate it with your business.

Sure your company logo goes on your letterhead, emails, and merchandise. But placing the logo on your employee name tags puts your brand out there.

Employees don’t stay within their place of employment for an entire shift. If their position requires transporting clients to appointments, meeting for a business lunch, or buying supplies for a staff meeting, people will see their employee badge. Hence your logo will be on the move.

Plus your business appears professional with the use of employee badges marked with a logo.

Give Your Workers an Employee Name Tags

Employee name tags serve the purpose of increasing security, boosting employee confidence, and developing customer relationships. Give them a chance to prove their benefits to you.

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