Playing the Power Game

Playing the Power Game

Its stunning how many people play fast and loose with their power supply. While for granted in many parts of the world, yet it remains a critical backbone of the economy and your business – especially todays modern web-based commerce businesses, with unforgiving consumers driving sales.

Backup power, whatever the solutions, should be part of every business’s decision making. Thinking about the effects of a long-term grid outage on your business are essential – the results could be devastating if you haven’t planned appropriately.

CEO of the UK business Welland Power says “You simply have to think about the effect on your business. You can invest in a range of inexpensive technologies to assist you in your planning. UPS systems for short term outages, diesel generators for longer term robust generation, or for the residential space petrol and gas solutions could be ideal.”

“Too many times business don’t consider the effects and lack of planning can be devastating. Equally people deciding to take action choose the cheapest solution without reference to longevity or quality, leading to something that fails when you need it most, or something that needs to be replaced quickly. Propper diligence to the generators component parts will result in the longest possible life and lowest total cost of ownership.

Backup power generator

Capital is currently cheap around the world – saving small amounts short term to cost you in the long term is not viable and businesses that consistently follow this route will end up being uncompetitive and maybe even going out of business. I am sure you can identify other low cost purchases in the business that have been unwise and its always sensible to repeat the mistake. Its also a great time to invest in generation of power on site above and beyond battery technology such as UPS systems, ultimately if you want security of supply, the only way you will get close to it is with some form of local generation on site – it’s an investment with a long term payback – but its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

For smaller businesses strategies such as moving IT structures into cloud hosts like AWS can legitimately remove the requirement for backup power assuming you have other ways to access these cloud services – they should remain on and available for all your customers off site – which is often the key factor.

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