3 Reasons to Get Your MBA as an Entrepreneur

3 Reasons to Get Your MBA as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you know that running a successful company is more than just knowing your industry. You may have created something revolutionary within your field and are anxious to get a jump on the competition.

Whether you choose to start your company now while learning the ins and outs of running a successful company, or want to wait a bit until you have some of those tools under your belt, here are three key reasons why an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from an elite university like Walsh can prepare you to be a successful business administrator of your own company. Check out online.walsh.edu to see just what you’ll learn so that you can get an idea of how important that MBA will be in the long run.

1. The Tools to Run a Financially Successful Company

Most entrepreneurs are highly creative individuals. They are expert in their respective fields and they know how to take the products and ideas in their industries to new and uncharted territories. Unfortunately, the one thing many are unprepared for are the financial aspects of running a stable organization. While accounting is a big issue, running a company takes on a much broader perspective than merely crunching numbers.

With an MBA, you will learn how finances can affect everything from employee engagement to customer retention and everything in between. Finances as they relate to business success are the realm of successful administrators.

2. A Chance to Meet and Recruit Key Players

When you study business at an accredited and well-respected university like Walsh, you are likely to meet key players who have a like mindset to yours. They are also looking to grow and while they may not have the vision to start a new company, they may be looking to grow along with the right startup if the opportunity should present itself.

You can be that opportunity, so why not get out there and network a bit among other students, both undergrad and graduate? You just might find the talent you need.

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3. Learn Key Tools for Growth and Expansion

As mentioned above, growing a startup takes a whole lot more than learning the financial end of a business. While that is important to ensure you always are in the black with a positive cashflow, that only comes with revenue.

So, how do you build that revenue and what does it take to build clientele large enough to reach your financial goals? These are things you’ll master with an MBA, so if for no other reason, learning how to generate growth is perhaps the most important thing you can master.


Altogether too many startups fail each year because they don’t give themselves the tools they need to run a successful company. They are at the top of their field and have ideas for products or services lacking on today’s market but don’t have the skillset to run a successful company.

This is what an MBA can offer and why you should explore many other benefits of getting that advanced degree in business administration.

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