The Best In The Business: What Are The Top 15 Seafood Restaurant Chains In The USA Right Now?

The Best In The Business: What Are The Top 15 Seafood Restaurant Chains In The USA Right Now?

Good seafood isn’t hard to find if you look in the right place. Most of the southern states in America get a mention for obvious reasons, as they have earned that reputation. But what about the other states and their selection of seafood? How do they fair against the best of the best?

This list contains the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to seafood restaurants. You can buy fresh scallops, lobster or crawfish from any of these establishments for a good deal.

15. Alabama Jack’s

Don’t let the name fool you, as Alabama Jack’s is located in Key Largo, FL. This seafood bar specializes in crab cakes, conch fritters, prawns and wings. The varied menu will make you do a double take, as the establishment doesn’t shy away from providing some well-known favorites outside of the seafood lover’s taste. It is one of the few seafood restaurants where there is something for everyone, regardless of their personal tastes. The prices range from mid to high, with serving hours favoring the evening crowd.

14. Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar
photo credit: Perla Austin

Located in Austin, TX, most foodies think of Perla’s as a great choice for friends with varied tastes. It’s not often you’ll find a seafood restaurant of this caliber with vegetarian and vegan options. Favorites on the menu for all are the ceviche, oyster Po Boy’s and hush puppies. It takes real skill to do hush puppies right, and Perla’s doesn’t disappoint. Pricing for menu items are on the expensive side, and the hours are perfect for any consumer. You can always expect something nice to be said about Perla’s after the initial visit.

13. O Ya

One of the most controversial picks on any seafood list is O Ya, with favoritism leaning towards professionals and corporations that want to pay top dollar for authentic seafood cuisine. There is nothing quite like the inventiveness or the sweet and spicy texture of the sushi prepared from O Ya. Over the years, the quality of the food has brought the restaurant a lot of attention. Regular consumers are now getting onboard the O Ya train and recognizing just how incredible the menu is. O Ya caters to the evening and nightlife consumers in New York.

12. GT Fish & Oyster

Chicago, IL is the home of GT Fish and Oyster. This is your typical American seafood restaurant that is big on atmosphere and flavor. It also is heavily influenced and caters to evening and nightlife customers. Popular dishes are the lobster roll, chicken and waffles, Po Boys and frideo. The variety of food is a big plus if you want to bring along someone who has specific tastes. Amazingly, the prices are in the midrange, so don’t expect anything too expensive. GT Fish and Oyster is the perfect balance for any refined palate.

11. King’s Fish House

California strives to be different, and the Long Beach King’s Fish House is no exception to the rule. It is a regular priced afternoon to nightlife seafood restaurant. The owner Steve is a bit of a celebrity, and it isn’t uncommon to see him checking up on his happy guests. The surrounding area is incredibly, and is probably one of the best locations for a restaurant on the list. They serve really good oysters and have a fine selection of alcoholic drinks. The butter cake is recommended for dessert is a fun take on a regular sweet choice.

10. The Wreck of Richard and Charlene

The Wreck of Richard and Charlene
photo credit: Charleston City Paper

If the name doesn’t fascinate you then fried shrimp and devilled crab will. This restaurant is also known for the she crab soup, scallops and clam chowder. They don’t play around with the seafood menu, and you’ll have more choices than your eyes can handle. The food is competitively priced while the hours are for the evening to nightlife crowd. A takeout option is available, but the restaurant is a nice place to kick back and relax. Count this as another big-time restaurant located in South Carolina.

9. McCormick and Schmick’s

McCormick and Schmick’s is a Maryland establishment that serves seafood, steaks and pastas. It’s a smaller seafood place, so has a much more intimate setting. The hours are generous, so customers of all types will enjoy the restaurant. Price is about average, with the higher choices being generous with portion. One of the best kept secrets of McCormick and Schmick’s is that they’re vegetarian friendly. The menu is clear with the options that will appeal the most, with nice groupings for each type of meal.

8. Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough

One of Connecticut’s best is Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough. It has been rated number one on multiple seafood lists for crab cakes, lobster rolls and lobster salad rolls. The menu boasts great prices for all meals and pretty generous hours of operation. Abbott’s is more of a quick bite place, so expect the ambience to be average but the service to be blazingly fast. The lobsters at Abbott’s are some of the best you will ever taste in or out of season.

7. Crabby Bill’s

Another Florida restaurant makes the list, and this time it is Crabby Bill’s. The portions served are huge, and the price is fair. It is also one of the few seafood restaurants to open early in the morning for breakfast time. The downside is that they close in the afternoon, so the catered crowd is morning to afternoon eaters. Popular food choices are the onion rings, she-crab soup and breakfast items. Not a lot of places can do grits like Crabby Bill’s.

6. The Sardine Factory

This vegetarian friendly upscale restaurant costs a little more than your average seafood establishment. What you get for the money more than makes up for it, as the Sardine Factory is one of California’s best. They’re purely for the night life consumers, and have a rich background and fantastic location. Filet mignon, stuffed shrimps, sizeable lobsters and delicious drinks are the highlights of the menu. Seating is spacious, so intimate dinners are common. Because of how in demand the Sardine Factory is, reservations are recommended for the best experience.

5. Legal Seafoods

Legal Sea Foods
photo credit: Where in the world is Riccardo

The hours are great, the food is incredible and it is in one of the best places in Boston. Legal Seafoods is a recognizable seafood restaurant that gets high marks in several categories without being too overpriced. The lobster roll, lobster bisque and New England clam chowder are only a few delicious choices on a packed menu. Customers often walk away with favorites and coming back the next day for more. Legal Seafoods is built for large crowds and is a family friendly establishment.

4. Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House

Texas sized servings at an unbeatable price is why Truluck’s remains popular. Florida stone crab claws, crab cakes, salmon and scallops are some of the best around. Hours are standard, and will work well for afternoon and nightlife guests. As a bonus, the parking lot is large and accessible. You won’t have to go out of your way to get set or pay for alternate parking. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available for customers that are conscious about their health.

3. Big John’s Seafood Patio

Erath, LA is not known for a lot of things. Big John’s Seafood Patio is part of a handful of landmarks that brings people to Erath from all over the world. The prices are mid to high range and the food is authentic Louisiana cuisine. If you want to experience crawfish the way it is supposed to be prepared, then this is the place to go. Big John’s is for night life eaters only, and is the best kept secret in that part of Louisiana. The menu gets right to the point, offering oysters, shrimp, crabs and all of the fixings. Although it lacks the pizazz of a big style seafood restaurant, Big John’s makes up for it by having some of the tastiest seafood in America.

2. Maritana Grille

The award winning Maritana Grille needs no introductions, and is one of the premiere places to eat at in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The location is prime, so it is perfect for anniversaries, romantic dinners or just to get away. The hours fit the theme, as it is meant for the evening and night life crowd. This is one of the most expensive choices on the list, but well worth the money. Popular dishes are lobster, halibut and tilefish.

1. Stoic & Genuine

Stoic & Genuine
photo credit: Eater Denver

Denver, Colorado’s Stoic and Genuine is another premier seafood place with a high price tag. In return guests get crab soup, riceless paella and other deliciously prepared meals. This is a well-known establishment with a great track record for service and excellence. The unique design of the restaurant also makes it a great place to show off to friends for the first time. Hours are perfect for morning, evening or night consumers.

Wrap Up

There are many choices, and all of them contain unique menu items to make your mouth water. Seafood restaurants are some of the most creative food establishments in the world. Don’t limit yourself to a single local place- go out and explore so that each new experience is special. You never know when a new seafood place will become your new favorite.

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