7 Reasons Why Interior Design Can Help Your Flipped House Move Faster

7 Reasons Why Interior Design Can Help Your Flipped House Move Faster

Flipping houses is one of the most premier entrepreneurial paths people are walking down today, and a flipped house that has been properly handled can truly be a gem. If you are in the house flipping business, the odds are strong that you aren’t an interior designer. If you are, however, kudos to you – your creativity will probably help your flipped houses move faster. For the rest of us, however, flipping a house means doing a few upgrades and getting the property sold.

Of course, any house flipper should be focused on selling their property as quickly as possible; after all, that’s where the money is at. With that said, one thing is for sure: interior design can help you move your flipped house much faster. Here are 7 reasons for that:

1. The Walk-In Wow Factor

There’s something about having an interior designer come in and work their magic that really helps a property be set apart from the competition. With a market brimming with houses, you want yours to sweep potential buyers off their feet. To do that, your house needs to impress from the moment your visitors open the door. When they come in and feel at home, they will want to stay.

This “wow” factor can make or break a deal, so if you want to make an amazing first impression, then you’ll want an interior designer on your side when you’re flipping a house.

Clean and tidy rental property

2. Demonstrate Space Usage

Whenever someone comes to view your house, they are constantly imaging how they would use each space. Sometimes, a space just doesn’t scream out any particular use, or if it’s a large space, it might simply be overwhelming. The great thing about an interior designer is that they can come in and make each space unique and memorable.

When every space has been given a purpose, people can come in and see themselves truly using that space. It’s easier for them to imagine that place being home to them, which will encourage them towards making an offer on the house you’re trying to flip. Hiring a home stager can help you with this purpose, too!

3. Upgrade Storage

When people are looking at potential new homes, they are always impressed by storage space. Storage is one thing that no one can get enough of in a home, so it really does appeal to the masses when you’ve got a lot of storage. An interior designers can take your storage to a whole new level by using creative storage spaces to “wow” prospective buyers. For example, unique shelving appeals to the eyes, and built-in storage offers a clean aesthetic that people love.

While interior designers are often thought of as people who simply pick out the drapes, the truth of the matter is that they can offer a wealth of advice on storage that goes beyond what a contractor might see.

4. Make the Most Out of Every Room

Simply designating a room as an office won’t be enough to flip your house quickly. Instead, an interior designer can come in and deck that office out with a beautiful desk and chair, as well as trendy home decor that really catches the eye. Making the most out of every room doesn’t have to be terribly expensive, either. You can likely stage each room for a reasonable price, and you might even be able to reuse some of those elements.

The great thing about having an interior designer on your side is that they can help you balance each room with the right elements to give potential buyers every reason to place a bid on your house.

Fresh interior design

5. Offer a Fresh Feeling

There’s just something about coming into a room that’s just been painted or decorated. An interior designer can come in and give your entire house that feeling. Imagine how your prospective buyers will feel when they walk in and take in a decorated, stunning home. It’s not just about decorating – it’s about carefully choosing fresh pieces that really make your prospects feel like they are at home. When they feel they’ve been welcomed, they will be more likely to want to call your house their home.

6. Add Lively Pops of Color

Since most house flippers aren’t interior designers, they are more likely to go neutral with everything. Neutral walls in every room, neutral flooring, and neutral counters. It’s okay to go with neutral colors on those things, as long as pops of color are playfully added in. An interior designer can quickly help you find this balance and create a truly magnificent atmosphere – and add your property value, too!

7. Add Charm

A designed house simply offers charm. This beauty and warmth can’t be created with anything else other than carefully thought out decor and design. If you aren’t an interior designer and you aren’t sure how to make your house exude charm, then don’t feel alone. Fortunately, there are interior designers who can help you!

Hiring an interior designer


Flipping a house isn’t as easy as it looks. There are so many things that must be considered, including financing, money for repairs and renovation, and marketing.

If you’re like most home flippers, you’re doing a lot of the work yourself, and that leaves little left for creativity. If you aren’t an interior designer, then you might be wondering if you should hire someone. Hiring an interior designer is the best thing to do in this case, unless you have the time to go to school for an interior designer. There are house flippers who do this, and it might work out for you.

At any rate, implementing interior design into your house is a surefire way to help it sell faster than it would have before!

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