8 Most Influential Women in Cryptocurrency (Infographic)

8 Most Influential Women in Cryptocurrency (Infographic)

Do you own Cryptocurrency? Want to become rich with Cryptocurrency? What is the next big coin?

Here, we don’t discuss whether to buy or sell Cryptocurrency. But, we discuss the role of women in Cryptocurrency. To get detailed information, please check out the following infographic on Women in Cryptocurrency – Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency developed by our friends at MrBTC.org.

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Courtesy of: MrBTC.org

The most interesting thing with Cryptocurrency is that they don’t care about you, whether you are a man, women, trans, a person with no credit or with bad credit – Simply, you can create an account with Crypto Exchanges and click the right buttons to send money. This level of easy accessibility made this technology to reach wide range of audience.

All the Crypto transactions are processed and perfectly recorded in a Blockchain, and there is no central authority such as banks or governments involved in it.

These networks completely rely on companies who handle a group of people on the network known as miners. Example, there are thousands of bitcoin miners competing right now to execute several transactions and record them to a Blockchain.

Most of the people think that the women dealing with Cryptocurrency is less but its not true. In reality, women are involved in crypto but the level of exposure and recognition is less.

The Crypto battle is competitive right now with people wrestling for influence, says Tavonia Evans (Who launched a Cryptocurrency known as $Guap).

The Reasons Why Crypto Needs Women

Crypto Needs Women’s Communication Skills, Cryptocurrency is tedious and confusing if it’s not explained properly. But, women can change it as they are very good at presenting naturally. Women have the capability to present this complex Cryptocurrency information in simple terms that people understand it easily.

Crypto Needs Women’s Community-Building Skills, Women are very good community builders. When men speak, they care only for conveying the information and building a status. But, when women speak, they will look for conveying the message as well as building a perfect connection. Building connections is highly important while starting your business, especially at an ICO stage.

Crypto Needs Women’s Social Media Skills, Women can perfectly take part in a discussion and are effective at emotion as they have inherent natural focus on connection and relation, which helps in building communities and industries. Emotions will cause actions, and actions have great impact on industries. So, they have strong impact on social media.

There is No Balance Without Women, Women in Cryptocurrency will balance the gender ratio, and this popular industry will be equally occupied by the talented men and women.

Cover photo credit: Moose Photos / Pexels

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