Promotional Giveaways + Customers = Good Marketing

Promotional Giveaways + Customers = Good Marketing

Branding is one of the most effective ways of marketing a company’s product or name. For many decades, businesses have proactively used visual branding to increase presence and maintain relevance in today’s fast-paced world.

Many consumers today are familiar with popular brands and associate the company behind the brands with logos.

Promotional Items

Many businesses today promote themselves by handing out promotional items. Some of these items include office supplies such as pens or pencils, water bottles, t-shirts, and mugs to just name a few.

Vendors like Coastal Business Supplies can supply companies with personalized promotional items. By distributing these promotional items, businesses are advertising themselves by leaving their “mark” on familiar items people use from day to day. Most companies distribute these items at no charge, and who doesn’t like free, right? By giving away these items, businesses are visually seen every time someone uses the item.

Office Supplies

When we think of office supplies we normally think of pens and pencils. Imagine you’re a business owner. You have created a unique logo for your company and company name. You decide to order personalized pens and pencils to include the logo you have created. Your order arrives and you have them distributed randomly.

Every time someone uses that pen or pencil they automatically remember your company.


Promotional items also include apparel. Apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats are popular promotional items. In fact, having a company’s name and logo on an apparel maximizes advertising for your company.

For instance, your company is having an event and you’re ready to hand out t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats that display your company’s name and logo to the crowd. Whenever someone wears them, it promotes your company’s name. They could be using a sweatshirt to go out jogging and many people will see your company’s logo right away.


Many of us use mugs almost every day. We wake up in the morning and head over to the kitchen for some coffee or tea. We reach out for a mug to pour our drink into.  Using mugs as promotional items are also trendy. Some of us even give away mugs as gifts. Imagine your company’s logo on a mug. Someone thought it would be a great gift idea to give the mug to a friend. Not only will their friend remember the gift, but they will also specifically remember the mug that was given to them with your company’s logo on it.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are the norm in today’s health-conscious society. Water bottles come in a variety of styles, some can store both hot and cold liquids and water bottles that have built-in strainers for those who like to concoct their own take on flavored-water. Putting your company’s logo on water bottles will advertise your company tremendously. It can be someone walking in the park or someone out just doing their errands, water bottles with your company’s logo will be taken with them everywhere they go.

When’s a Good Time and Why It’s Not Only About Advertising

So now you have all the promotional items on-hand and you’re ready to give them out. You ask yourself, “when’s a good time?” An article describes a few instances when distributing promotional items is suitable. In it, it describes when a customer makes a purchase. It states, “Why not thank your customer for purchasing something by giving them a free promotional item …?” Indeed!

A good way to show your customers that you appreciate their business is by giving them a free promotional item that will remind them of your company time and time again. How about your existing loyal customers? The article further states that by also giving away promotional items during a customer’s special occasion, you are telling them that they are important and that you remember them and thank them for their continued patronage.

Maybe you’ve chosen to personalize office supplies, or maybe you have chosen to personalize apparel for your promotional item giveaways. Maybe you have chosen to add your company’s logo to all kinds of promotional items. Whatever you chose, remember, handing out promotional items advertises your company. Even if it’s given away for free, customers will always associate those items with your company. In doing so, it will impress your customers and will build recognition for your company.

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