How Fast Can These Superheroes Deliver Your Item? (Infographic)

How Fast Can These Superheroes Deliver Your Item? (Infographic)

Superheroes have remained popular over the years mainly due to the concept that their extraordinary abilities, combined with their selfless virtue, help save mankind from the vile entities that are hell-bent to destroy them. It’s the proverbial good-versus-evil-and-good-always-wins storyline, with their our heroes’ character and superpowers taking centre stage in their valiant efforts to triumph against wrongdoers. It never gets old.

This kind of high-octane entertainment has led to superhero films dominating the Hollywood box office. And with amazing special effects leaving us in awe in the realistic-looking display of their powers, you can’t help but wonder what kind of world we would be living in if superheroes were real. This would take ‘What If’ to a whole different level of realism.

Indeed, what if superheroes used their powers in performing mundane human tasks? This has always been an interesting subject for creative minds trying to find answers. What if powerful mutant telepath Jean Grey was a court judge? She would simply get into the minds of the accused and know the truth in an instant and nobody would be wrongfully accused on her watch.

There are at least a dozen superheroes who are powered by speed, which come very handy in performing ordinary tasks. And when it comes to making deliveries in particular, there is no superpower more important than enhanced speed. A single superhero can deliver goods across various distances in mere seconds. While it’s not even close to saving the planet, the amount of work accomplished would be nothing short of amazing.

There are superheroes across Marvel and DC with varying sources of their power of super speed. This has also given them different speed levels, which will play a huge factor in delivery times as they transport goods across the globe. The amount of time each superhero can pull it off will put our current same day delivery time to shame. Imagine that blender you ordered on Amazon arriving just a few minutes after checkout.

We might not live in a world where superheroes exist, but it’s quite interesting to know how they would fare in making deliveries. You might have a pretty good idea who may be the fastest, but I’m sure if you’re a fan, everything is up for debate. We have ten superheroes featured, with each having a unique way of using their power of speed. Check out which of them is the fastest in this engaging infographic.

How fast can superheroes deliver your item - infographic

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