3 Ways to Use a Split Screen Effect in Business Videos

3 Ways to Use a Split Screen Effect in Business Videos

As per its name, the split screen effect can be used to ‘split’ the frame of your video and show two (or more) videos at the same time. In most cases it is evenly split down the middle, but technically you could split it in any way that you see fit.

In the 60s and 70s the split screen effect a popular addition to movies, but over time it has lost some of its shine. For business videos however the effect is still an attractive option, and can be applied in several useful ways:

1. To show different perspectives of the same action

Sometimes it can be helpful to show an action from multiple perspectives, such as a frontal and overhead perspective, or frontal and side view. The split screen effect will let you record and display the footage from two cameras in different positions side by side.

In business videos this can be useful as it can provide additional context and make actions more clear. For example in a how-to guide you may be able to show a particular step more clearly if viewers can see it being performed from multiple angles.

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2. To compare items or actions

Another way to use the split screen effect is for direct comparisons of two different items or actions. By displaying both on the screen together, viewers will be able to better observe any differences.

Typically this method is used to compare products, or their benefits. For example you could show how effectively the vacuum cleaner that your business is selling cleans an area, side by side with footage of a different vacuum cleaner struggling.

By showing both videos at the same time, the contrast between them will drive the point home more effectively and give it a bigger impact.

3. To duplicate the same person in a video

Seen videos where someone is ‘cloned’ and holds a conversation with themselves? In most cases that effect is done using a split screen to duplicate the person by recording them twice against a matching background and then combining the shots.

To pull off this illusion, the background needs to match perfectly – otherwise further editing will be require. All in all is a neat effect that you can use in your business videos to make them more interesting, and grab the attention of viewers.

Although at first glance the split screen effect may seem to be one of the more advanced effects, most video editors can pull it off. For example if you want to try to use it in Movavi Video Editor you need only follow the instructions at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-make-a-split-screen-video.html.

All in all the split screen effect is definitely one of the more useful options for you to consider when creating business videos. Whether you use it to make your videos more visually interesting or to provide context or contrast is up to you – but suffice to say it can pull off all three.

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