3 Businesses That Maintain Consumer Trust

3 Businesses That Maintain Consumer Trust

Before we begin our business themed article, here’s a small story. Once upon a time, there was a man who gave all that he could to the world of entrepreneurialism. Let’s call him Blichard Blanson.

Blichard would spend every day and every night of his adult life figuring out new ways to turn productivity into cold hard cash. There was venture he hadn’t tried, from railway services to internet providers to cable television.

And throughout his meteoric rise, Blichard cultivated a brand brimming with his personality. He appeared in all his own adverts and plastered his face on billboards up and down the country. His was a face you could trust, with its mop top of hair and endearingly unfashionable goatee that made him look like Noel Edmond’s less fashionable brother.

You trusted him. That is, until you couldn’t. As the years wore on, Blichard’s companies were uncovered for what they always were – money making enterprises, not exercises in altruism.

By muscling in on public services, his private firms were exposed as ventures in cost-cutting, a dilution of product that only served shareholders.

In short, Blichard Blanson (who is entirely fictional and any resemblance to a real-life figure, living or dead, is entirely coincidental) lost the human touch he had spent so long cultivating. While this didn’t ruin his company, it did tarnish its reputation in certain quarters. And he was never able to regain that trust.

Let us all take heed of this moral tale. There are plenty of companies who haven’t taken such a route. Let’s take a look at them to see how they managed to balance consumer trust with financial growth.


Looking4.com website screenshot

It’s difficult to inject personality into a business as dry as airport parking, but you can bless your cotton socks that Looking4.com have managed it. They provide Stansted Airport parking, LAX Airport parking, Melbourne Airport parking and hundreds of other locations.

But, no matter how disparate their business locations are, they all share one similar feature – a commitment to customer service.

You can see all this by heading over to their website and reading their customer reviews. Not only do they indicate a service that’s easy to use, but they praise the friendliness of staff.

What you can learn: Customer service is paramount in business, making corporate goliaths feel like mom and pop stores.


eBay website screenshot

In the late 90s, eBay was incredibly difficult to use, especially by nowadays standards. Despite this, it won consumer’s hearts by feeling like a ragged jumble sale, allowing anyone to put their items up for auction.

It maintains that feeling even in space-age 2018, which is why it remains one of the most visited sites in the world.

What you can learn: Maintain the heart of your original premises to stay relevant.


Lush website screenshot

Cosmetics chain Lush boasts of an ethical approach to business. None of the products it stocks has been tested on animals and all employers are paid a living wage.

This focus has led many consumers through their doors. Long may it continue.

What you can learn: a focus on ethics, especially if you focus on a millennial demographic, can boost business dramatically and increase consumer trust.

That’s our list! Can you think of any other businesses that have managed to build trust with their consumer base? Then let us know in the comments below!

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