Government Document Filing: DIY or Hire an Agent?

Government Document Filing: DIY or Hire an Agent?

There are so many units of government that business owners and private citizens need to file throughout their life. When it comes to owning a business, there’s a mountain of government paperwork needed to start and keep a business running. Many business owners think they can do it all on their own, but reality can hit real quick when deadlines aren’t met, or worse; costly mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge or poor attention to detail.

There’s a litany of registration documents just to get the business running (Eg., Entity Classification Election application). Then there are permits, regulations, the IRS, required state and local paperwork, and industry-specific documents that need to be filed in a timely manner to keep Uncle Sam happy. The big question that’s going to be addressed today is whether it’s in your best interest to do these tasks for yourself, or let a service take care of this obligation on your behalf.

Starting a business is hard enough

One of the biggest advantages a new business can benefit from using a government document filing service like Gov Doc Filing begins before launch. Starting a business is stressful enough and the last thing you want to distract yourself with is messy and complicated paperwork. Worse, there are many layers when taking into account that local, state, and Federal agencies will all drive you nuts with document requirements.

Filing for a DBA, tax ID, and EINs can be easily completed online using a document filing service. As well as applying for the respective entity you wish to operate under, applying for permits, and setting up merchant accounts all take up time that could be best used drumming up great product and marketing ideas and finding your first customers.

Running a business is even harder

There are so many things that are going to require your attention over the course of the years running a business. Money coming in is the most important factor, but keeping your business free from government red tape comes in a very close second place. Staying on top of government paperwork requirements is one thing, but there’s lots of other issues that can bog down a business owner, which an agency can help with.

For instance, you may decide to change your business identity as your financial and tax situation becomes clearer. This must be done within 75 days of launch and means another trip to your local city or county clerk’s office, waiting in traffic, then in line, and the stress that involves. A government filing service can take care of these and other business filing woes.

Government document filing services

Most government document filing services offer additional services

Learning all the ins and outs of filing government paperwork are definitely tasks that can be farmed out to a competent agency without risk. The beauty of using a government document filing services is that they’re rarely limited to submitting documents on your behalf. Many offer other essential services that can make a business owner’s life easier and help the company to grow faster.

Services like access to other essential business paperwork such as ein filing service, employee and client NDAs, other legal agreement docs, and employee and employer contracts. Look around and you’re likely to find an agency that offers everything your business will need document-wise. Government document filing agencies will often offer access to accredited payroll and payment processing solutions, in addition to business financing and loans in most cases.

Which option is right for you?

If you feel comfortable with the process of filing all the various government paperwork required to run your business on the up-and-up, all the power to you. If on the other hand, you see the value in saving time, aggravation and potentially legal issues with local, state and the Federal government, a government filing service may be just what you’re looking for. Best, accredited services often have access to expedited processing, which means your business will be up and running even faster than it would be if you’d filed on your own.

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