14 Best Apps for Busy Restaurant Owners

14 Best Apps for Busy Restaurant Owners

Running a restaurant can be a challenge when trying to create a more efficient environment. To make your job easier, you must have the latest tools to help you out. As a restaurant owner, you are always on the move so the very best tools for you should be on your smartphone for easy access.

Here are some of the best apps for running your restaurant and simplifying your operations.


This web and mobile platform app is perfect for ordering all your supplies and inventory with just a simple click. You will easily manage all your inventory, check-in products as they arrive at your door, return damaged goods or surplus inventory. You will reduce food waste by almost 50%.


This is a cloud-based accounting app so you can manage your books when you are not on your computer. You can create invoices, take online payments, track your expenses, record payments, and so many other operations.


This is an excellent app for managing your employees’ schedules and labor costs. You can easily move your employees around to different shifts based on their availability and shift requirements by simply dragging and dropping. Once you have changed or set up shifts, your employees will be notified. You can also approve or disapprove employee requests with just one click. You can calculate savings on labor costs and help you make better scheduling decisions.


DineTime app screenshot

DineTime is an excellent app that also works as a reservation system. You will create a better dining experience for your customers and greatly improve your restaurant’s efficiency. The consumer app will allow customers to read up on your restaurant’s information, reserve a table, and find out what the wait time will be. Better yet, you can merge your loyalty reward programs to DineTime.


You can easily manage your social media accounts from anywhere. Schedule your posts, monitor leading topics, run campaigns and contents, assign permission levels for various employees and assign various responsibilities.


This is another excellent app for scheduling your social media posts from anywhere. Buffer has the ability to schedule the time and date for your posts so you don’t have to worry about it. If you prefer to set your own times and dates for your posts, you have that option as well.


Evernote app

This collaboration app will keep your notes together or add notes, attachments, links, checklists, and tables etc..


For any content you are interested in, you can choose blogs, publications, that are easy to read, and set up keyword alerts. Follow the latest trends and updates with this fabulous app.

Outlook/Gmail App

You can schedule appointments and check your email accounts with this Outlook and Gmail app.


This is a great HR app for managers, owners, and employees. You can get time off requests, pull up benefits information, look at paycheck stubs, and so much more.


MailChimp website screenshot

This is an automated marketing platform for building email campaigns to send to your customers. You can build templates that will match your brand design, and get analytics to find out how well your emails are performing.


Create a statement for profits and loses or calculate figures that are neither profits or loses based on price per square unit, etc. You will also be alerted if your percentages are outside the industry’s guidelines.


Keep all your invoices, accounting, and inventory in an orderly manner. All you do is take pictures to avoid accidentally paying twice for something, or in case an invoice is lost. Easily export GL spend reports to your accounting software. Keep track of price trends, monitor food and supply costs, your suppliers’ costs, etc.

Review Trackers

You can keep an eye on your restaurant reviews. This app will pull reviews from any website, giving you the latest feedback on how well your restaurant is doing.

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