How Much do Big Companies Earn per Second? (Infographic)

How Much do Big Companies Earn per Second? (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered just how much some of the world’s biggest companies are earning per second? Although we may expect companies such as Twitter, Uber and Fitbit to be making millions, that is actually far from the truth, with some of these companies losing over $100 million dollars a year! Of course, there are companies such as Amazon, Disney and Netflix that are making millions, with Apple being the most profitable, making more than $1400 a second.

To give you an insight into just what the world’s biggest companies are earning, Clarendon have created a visual calculator that not only allows you to track the revenue and profit of these companies, by the second, but it also allows you to compare your own salary against these business giants.

Claredon’s ‘Earnings Per Second’ campaign, which monitor the revenue and profit of 26 of the world’s biggest companies, results in the following infographic:

Earning per Second infographic

As Apple is the most profitable, it would take the company a mere 40 seconds to earn the average US annual salary, which is estimated to be around $56,516…

Apple, Alphabet, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung are the five most profitable companies on the list, with each of them earning thousands of dollars within seconds. However, massive amounts of revenue, doesn’t always equal a large profit. Looking at companies such as Coca-Cola, Capital One and Amazon, they all have huge revenues but smaller profits compared to some of the other businesses mentioned on the list, such as Facebook that has high revenue and high profits. This is due to some companies having higher operation costs, larger workforces and more outgoing bills, whether they have to factor in production, packaging and transport, or rent server rooms and have developers onsite.

Although Apple may be earning your salary in just 40 seconds, there are in fact six of the world’s biggest companies that are losing well over $100 million a year. The brands that are losing out are Fitbit, Snapchat, Spotify, Tesla, Twitter and Uber, which may seem a shock considering the value and influence these brands have on the market they are in. However, Fitbit may have sold 22.3million Fitbits in 2016, but they still make a loss of around $281.6k a day. Similarly, Uber carry 40 million passengers monthly but still make a loss of $2.8 billion a year, one of the biggest losers on the list. Companies such as Tesla are looking on the up, however. Elon Musk has begun to unveil their newest projects, a new roadster, a HGV, and a new battery project, and Mr. Musk himself setting a goal for Tesla to achieve a $650B market capitalisation within the next decade.

To see how your salary stacks up against the likes of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, simply enter your annual salary into the Earnings Per Second calculator and watch the seconds pass by as the dollars stack up…

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