Millennial Managers: Tips for Recruiting Generation Z Employees

Millennial Managers: Tips for Recruiting Generation Z Employees

Generation Z are considered the future of business for a reason. The 16 – 24 demographic is officially old enough to work. Recruiting Gen Z employees is a much different process than your employer used to recruit you.

While you likely applied for the job you currently hold via email, perhaps even early social media, the recruiting game has completely changed as of 2018. Human resources has changed indelibly to this point in time.

Resumes are being replaced by social media profiles, jobs are won or lost based on which candidate is the best self-marketer. Top employers are now using big data to find post-millennials. Recruiters spend a big portion of their time on social media sites like LinkedIn looking for prospects.

Things will never be the same. Who among us would ever want to go back in time anyway? Digital offers so many opportunities to define and scout the best talent out there!

If you want to find the best “Home-Gens” to help grow and ensure the longevity of your company, enlist the help of a recruiting company like CulverCareers and check out the following Gen Z recruiting tips down below:

Make it easy for them to find you.

Don’t get it wrong: There’s more to attracting tech-raised Gen Z into the interview room than just throwing a bunch of lines out and waiting for the big fish to bit. However, millennial managers need to realise that these youngsters aren’t reading the classified section of their local print paper.

The next generation of workers do EVERYTHING online when it comes to finding a job. They’re all about mobile job-finding apps, online job boards, online classifieds, career blogs and are scouring social media looking for opportunities. A lot of your people will also look into agencies to help get them a job. For example, a nursing agency will have contacts within the industry so people will go to them to help find a job. This is why it is a great idea to get in touch with agencies in your industry so they send the best candidates your way.

Rather than spending your dough on a print ad or radio spot, pour your time and budget into digital mediums instead. A well thought “Careers” page on your website, geared toward millennial needs and desires, is an absolute must. Along with a strong social presence advertising the positions available and linking to that page.

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Start prepping the business for Generation Z early.

There are a lot of this generation that are still under 20, in high school and college. Now is the time to start implementing strategies in the workplace that will actually appeal to them.

Recruiting Generation Z employees won’t be as easy as it was in earlier generations. Many of them will aspire to entrepreneurship. The rest will look for companies that can appeal to the very specific criteria they have for an ideal job worth having.

They’ll be keyed in on job traits like the ability to think and thrive without negativity, to develop as a person as well as a professional, and to have their own voice in the company in order to own everything they do.

These traits need to be expressed in all recruitment marketing avenues — ads, mission statements, your website, etc.

Work/life balance options must be clear and attractive to Generation Z prospects.

It’s okay to focus on finding grinders who’re willing to work their tail off. But, modern millennial managers need to make work schedules adaptable to get and keep Gen Z employees.

Work from home options are always welcomed, if possible. As is the ability to set their own schedule (If they’re able to get all their work done, why should they have to stay til some predetermined “end of day”?)

Just keep in mind that post-millennials have a lot of options you and previous generations did not. If they can’t find employment terms that appeal to them, they’ll look elsewhere, including starting their own business.

tips for recruiting generation z employees.
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Company leadership needs to reflect Generation Z preferences.

Generation Z are a fickle generation when it comes to how they’re managed in the workplace. If your idea of being a leader is someone who hovers and scolds, you’re simply not ready for these smartphone toting youngsters yet.

Gen Z requires a human approach to leadership. They want total honesty, integrity, constant communication, constructive (read: not malicious) feedback, and to feel inspired that they can approach their leaders with anything.

Failing in any of the above-mentioned categories will quickly lead to dissent or them leaving. Gen Z have no desire to waste their time. Make sure these values are expressed in your recruitment marketing and ensure recruiters are able to express them to interviewees.

Time to get to work!

Don’t wish things were different, that recruiting methods of old were still viable. Gen Z workers are essential to any business looking for success in the digital era.

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