What to Consider When Moving Offices (Infographic)

What to Consider When Moving Offices (Infographic)

If your business is growing, then it will soon be time to pack up the boxes and move to an office which can cater for your clearly successful business! However, just like moving house, finding a new office can be a tedious experience, and you are probably well aware that there are plenty of things to consider.

Once you have taken all these factors in to consideration, then you will find the whole experience far easier and end up with an office which is perfect for your company and employees.


Costs are sure to rack up when moving offices. It is not an overnight process, and should only be seriously considered once you are certain that you can afford the expenses it brings. Once you have set yourself a budget, be sure to stick to it, as going over will be sure to cause problems further down the line. Understand that different areas have different budgets, and offices which are more central will be far more expensive.

Before beginning your journey, create a plan of every expense you will come in to contact with, so that you aren’t shocked by any surprises along the way.


The location of your new office is an extremely important one. While it may be tempting to get a cheap office in the middle of no where, you need to think about your employees and the offices accessibility. Is it near public transport? Is there parking for the drivers? Is it nearby shops and food outlets? These are all things to consider when searching for the perfect office location.

If you aren’t keen on being right in the centre of a city, then consider heading to it’s surrounding areas. For example, Loc8 offices in Farringdon have easy access to the well-known destinations, but are rural enough to avoid the hustle and bustle, meaning they will be slightly cheaper.


It can be very easy to get caught up in the stress of moving and forget that you have to keep the business running! Remember to change all your business details to your new address, and also inform clients, accountants, and any other person who needs to know. Things will get very confusing if you have letters and people turning up to your old office!

Office Design

Once you have chosen your dream office, it is time to have a bit of fun. The design of your office is completely in your hands, and is the perfect opportunity to give it your brands identity and make it feel like home. Take number of employees in to consideration and remember to include a space that allows workers to take a break from their desks.


Once you have moved in and feel happy with your decisions, it is time to set some new rules in order to make sure that everyone respects the new office and your business remains successful!

Take a look at this infographic which explores 10 office commandments, perfect for ensuring things stay on track.

10 office commandements - infographic

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