A Clear Vision of How to Sell Your Home Fast (Infographic)

A Clear Vision of How to Sell Your Home Fast (Infographic)

This Infographic Will Guide You Towards a Buyer’s Offer

The decision to sell your home may be as clear as a sunny day, but the dizzying array of alternatives and tasks involved can cloud up your confident decision and lead to decision fatigue. We know planning, research and time management are fundamental to financial success, so we ventured into our designer binary abode and created this straight-forward infographic to guide you through the process of selling your home. Think of it as a map guiding you towards financial reward.

For those of you that like to see the big picture first (as many investors do), you can scroll through the infographic’s easy to read headings to quickly absorb the plan. Each heading is a door to the tips and facts on how to sell your home fast.

Here is a quick synopsis of the topics and advice in the How to Sell Your Home Fast infographic:

Sell Your Home Fast: If you don’t, you risk losing money and potentially a better deal on a new place. Selling your home fast also reduces the damage to your home.

Set Your Goals: Make it your goal to sell fast, sell simply, and sell with the highest net result.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent: Look for experience, reviews, reasonable fees, ethics, passion to sell, and the capability to sell.

Preparing Your Home to Sell: Clean, declutter, neutralize, fix to sell, create space for the buyer’s imagination, and flash your home’s technology.

Picking the Right Season to Sell: Every season has an advantage and disadvantage. Which seasonal disadvantage is easiest for you to manage?

Pricing Your Home: Compare ratios and homes, factor in utility costs and fees, get in the right range for search engines created specifically for home buyers.

How to Market Your Home: Real estate agents are popular with buyers and bring success. Don’t waste your time on the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) workload, spend your time networking with people you know.

How to Negotiate: Qualify buyers, know the net, negotiate towards your goal, and expect back-and-forth banter.

Now that you have your home-selling guide, determine what steps you can take, and what steps you need to delegate.

Selling your home fast frees up your time for future investments, creative pursuits, adventures, or new beginnings. For every moment of time you save, you create a new gift of opportunity. What will you do with your moment of opportunity? If you’re going to sell your home, give us a call.

Here’s a useful infographic from a team of house buyers in Phoenix, Offer Climb on tips when it comes to selling your home fast.

Sell your home fast - infographic

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