Tips for Pitching Your Writing Services

Tips for Pitching Your Writing Services

Whether you offer writing services by means of freelance or an established business, there’s one fact that remains the same; writing work is never guaranteed. While many writers learn this quite early on in their career, it can still be a challenge for them to find steady income due to fluctuations in their workflow. With one of the most challenging parts of freelance writing being finding a sufficient amount of work, knowing how to reach out to potential clients and pitch your services is key.

The more comfortable a writer becomes with contacting business owners and selling their content writing services, the more hours they’ll be able to log in at the end of the day. Whereas some writers will choose to work for an established content writing company like, others will try their hand with the independent freelance writer lifestyle.

The amount of success a freelance writer encounters is directly dependent on their reach and influence as a writer. Should they be able to contact prospective clients and sell their services to them with ease, then surely, they are a natural. However, many writers find that pitching their content writing services can be a challenge, which is why often, they seek guidance in this domain.

With the right amount of training, freelance writers can find ways to make their emails stand out amongst all others. More than that, they can become well-versed on the art of persuasion. Here are some tips on how to pitch your content writing services to clients.

Make sure your email subject line stands out

Business owners tend to receive hundreds of emails every single week, which can make getting back to every single one an impossibility. If a writer wants their email to stand out against all others, they need to incorporate a wicked subject line. This subject line can jump out and grab the attention of a business owner, which can ultimately get them to read and reply to it.

Writing service client research

Research your client thoroughly before reaching out to them

The more you know about a company, the more impressed its owner will be with you. When writing out a pitch, ensure that you make your knowledge of the company and its services known.

Talk yourself up in the email

Business owners don’t do business in good faith, which is why having plenty of writing examples (and preferably a website) can aid in your chances of receiving a reply. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to trust in your writing services.

Be persistent

Letting potential clients slip through the cracks due to not wanting to seem too persistent is a mistake many freelance writers and companies make. Being persistent shows your interest in a company. Didn’t receive a reply from your first email? Why not re-work your pitch and try anew?

Know who you’re pitching to and why

Content writers need to know their niche and stick to it, as this is where their writing can be most valuable. When looking for prospective clients, choosing a website at random simply isn’t going to cut it. Writers need to have researched the companies they pitch to, and be familiar with the reasons why they want to write for them.

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