Why All Businesses Should Embrace Instagram in 2017 (Infographic)

Why All Businesses Should Embrace Instagram in 2017 (Infographic)

Successful marketing lies in the ability to inspire consumers to emotionally invest in your brand and decide that they need your product or service to make their lives better. The only way to have such an impact is by engaging with your target audience and earning their trust.

So why is Instagram such an important marketing tool?

We turn to a new infographic from Website Builder that answers this question perfectly.

Instagram stats and facts 2017 - infographic


Did you know that the social platform generates a staggering average of 4.2 billion likes per day from 95 million photo and video posts? And if you’re looking to target the highly sought after ‘millennial’ demographic, they make up 55% of US users?

Logic dictates if you want to reach people, you need to go where the people are – and Instagram is where an increasing number of young mobile users are spending their time.

Overall the network attracts over 300 million active users a day. Marketers simply cannot ignore such statistics.

Of course, you may be thinking – we’re on Facebook and Twitter, what makes Instagram so special?

It’s true that Facebook has a much larger active user-base, but if you want to reach possible consumers you shouldn’t be limited to just one or two social platforms. And although many people are unaware, Instagram is now actually more popular than Twitter.

The most important fact, however, is that on a per-post basis Instagram is more engaging than both Facebook and Twitter. By engagement, we mean users like comment and share posts at a higher rate. This is exactly what marketers are aiming for!

The simple reason why users are much more engaged on Instagram is that the focus is on visually appealing content (photos and videos), which is more eye-catching and easier to digest. It is a simple fact of life that we a more stimulated by imagery than walls of text.

If you can show off your products visually, inform consumers with demonstrations and tutorials, and connect with them on a personal level by taking them behind the scenes of your business – you can have success on Instagram.

If you don’t try soon, it could be too late!

70.7% of all brands are expected to have a profile on the app by 2017, half of current users are already following at least one business, and marketers that have used premium ad campaigns (i.e. boosting posts) have been successful in 70% of cases.

The data speaks for itself.

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