Are You Close to the Edge? Why That’s Good!

Are You Close to the Edge? Why That’s Good!

Jocko Willink is a rising star in the leadership and development market, and unlike so many out there who attempt to educate and motivate, with as Joe Rogan often says “when they’ve never actually done anything themselves,” Jocko’s been there and done that — and then some.

He’s a former Seal Team Three (“Task Unit Bruiser”) Commander, Silver and Bronze Star recipient who just finished his own epic Tedx talk last December. He and his team which included American Sniper Chris Kyle, and another fallen hero Michael Monsoor — along with his current business partner, Leif Babin — were there at the famous Battle of Ramadi where american troops were able to drive Al-Qaida forces from the capital city.

Don’t be turned off by the title, if you’re sick of all the “get up after you’ve been knocked down and keep moving forward.” Jocko’s a real original and his perspective was literally born and groomed deep in the trenches:

This man’s a legend, in my opinion and many others. He and Babin created their own leadership consulting business when they retired from the “Teams” and are counselling major corporations all over the United States currently. While it might seem strange for a civilian to seek business and entrepreneurship advice from someone who spent their career fighting bad guys, everyone viewing this post needs to give him a chance.

After listening to his podcasts with Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and Sam Harris, I’ve been hooked. Jocko seamlessly blends advice ab out leadership and perseverance together in a way that’s beneficial to men and women pursuing any kind of career.

When you hear him talk about how “good” is the answer to any problem that crops up, you better believe he means it! The man’s also a true patriot and loves the role he plays as a “pawn” in the system:

As only a true leader could, he has a cool story he tells about how whenever he and other Teams leaders met with upper military leadership to talk about what they needed to do their job better. The story basically goes that all the other commanders would complain and ask for more, more, more when asked. Jocko’s answer, when asked what he needed was always simple: “We’re good, sir.”

So refreshing to find motivation from someone who’s been in the worst of situations, seen the worst of what humanity has to offer, and still manages to find the positive.

Check out his podcast. It’s dark, positive, enlightening, engaging, informative, and so much more. He does a new episode every Wednesday, where he either reads a historical military book and offers insights into leadership and life, or interviews some of the most epic soldiers in recent history.

@JockoWillink is also worth a follow. He starts his day early with a snapshot of his old Ironman Indiglo watch usually at some point between 4 – 4:30 am.

Finally, “war teaches you the most when things go wrong.” Epic advice regardless of where in the world, what type of business, or at what point in life you find yourself currently:

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