Mobile Shopping: A New Way Millennials Shop (Infographic)

Mobile Shopping: A New Way Millennials Shop (Infographic)

People have busy lives, and more and more people do things on the move via their mobile devices, from looking on social media, scanning the web and online shopping. This is especially true for millennials, a generation that have grown up with a mobile phone being used for so much more than making phone calls.

Surprisingly, the most popular item that people spend money on when shopping online is flowers, with a huge 40%. Clothes on the other hand take only 4%, with woman buying clothes via their phones twice as much as men do. Other items include tickets for shows and events, driving services and digital products like games and apps.

Check out more stats from this infographic published by Coupofy:

Mobile shopping habits - infographic by Shopify


The majority of people take it for granted that shopping via their phone is the easiest way to shop, but how safe is it really? One in three high school students still feel unsure about paying for items on their phones as they don’t know how secure it is. This could be because they don’t know how online shopping works online, or the risk of their mobile being stolen and therefore someone getting hold of all of their payment details.

Mobile phones are useful for many different things, but depending on the person the most popular features differ. Studies show that the most popular feature on a mobile for High school students, African Americans and those on maternity or paternity leave is the ability to shop on the go. Whereas those that are in full time employment, college students white Americans and entrepreneurs favour other features such as finding a location, playing games, keeping up with the news and transport services.

It seems as though the younger generations are starting to make use of the ability to shop on the mobile, and once they feel it is a safe way to spend money, it is likely to become even more popular.

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