The Best Incentives for Keeping Your Top Employees (Infographic)

The Best Incentives for Keeping Your Top Employees (Infographic)

Anyone who values their employees had a deep-seated fear that the people they’ve handpicked will inevitably leave them once something better comes along. Obviously, you can’t expect even your happiest employees to stay with you forever; but if you find that your company’s workforce is turning into a “revolving door” situation, the problem might be that you’re not giving them what they really want.
With certain employees (particularly those who work in a creative field), supplying them with the bare minimum they need to survive isn’t enough to convince them to stay. This is especially true for workers who aren’t motivated primarily by money; if they’re looking for a job that satisfies them emotionally and is a good fit for their work-life balance, you’ll need to offer them some incentives.

Making work-life balance more manageable

One of the best ways to retain your most valuable employees is to provide them with perks that make their work just a little bit easier. This can be as simple as allowing them to work from home or set their own schedule. Alternatively, you can take some of the pressure off by handling more essential life concerns, such as childcare and mental health services.
Other possible perks in this category include:
  • In-office food
  • More comprehensive health programs
  • Wellness resources, such as gym memberships

Improving morale and avoiding burnout

Everyone needs a break every now and then. Offering employees paid time off is an excellent way to recharge their batteries, and ultimately makes them more productive as well as happier. Some businesses even offer ways to blow off steam at the workplace itself, such as game rooms, entertainment centers, or in-office pets.
You can also offer employees a change of pace in a way that still ties in directly to their work. Some companies go all out and send their employees on corporate retreats in exotic locales. But something more close to home can do the trick, too. A group outing to a conference or other special event can help employees to learn valuable new skills, make new business connections, and build relationships with their co-workers.
Other morale-improving incentives might include:
  • Fun gifts to show your appreciation
  • Incentivizing vacations with bonuses
  • Outings to entertaining events such as concerts, festivals, etc.
If you’re overwhelmed by all the possible perks a company might offer (or curious about what other businesses are doing), this graphic from Company Folders helps illustrate the best workplace incentives offered by some of the most successful companies.
Best workplace incentives - infographic by Company Folders, Inc.

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