A Quick Guide to Buying Ink and Toner Online

A Quick Guide to Buying Ink and Toner Online

If you’re busy with a hectic home life and maybe a small business, schlepping out to the nearest store to buy ink or toner supplies for your printer is likely to be low down on your to-do list. However, ink and toner has a habit of running out when you need it most, so you must make sure that you always have some ready, which is why online suppliers are ideal!

You might feel a bit nervous about buying ink or toner supplies from an online retailer, but there’s really very little to worry about. There are quite a few out there, so read the reviews and maybe even call a few to see how you get along with the sales people. Remember, you’re trying to save time and money, so spending a bit of time finding a suitable retailer is worth it (you’ll find that Cartridge People ink cartridges are pretty cheap, by the way!) and the staff members are friendly and helpful.

Buying ink or toner supplies online

Your first glance at an online ink seller’s website might seem confusing, but it’s actually easier to browse online than it is in store, especially if you’re sat at your desk with a coffee.

Once you know what make and model your inkjet or laser printer is, it’s quite easy to navigate through the menus, or to go straight to the search box to find the right types of cartridge for it. Most online retailers sell all the more popular makes of cartridge – Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Brother and so on – and you may be able to find some less common varieties. If you’re still a bit stuck, get on the phone or use the live chat function, if there is one (it’s a good sign if there is, by the way). Once you’ve pinned down the type of cartridge you need, just select it, order and pay, then wait for it to be delivered.

Saving money on ink or toner

By being well-organised, it’s possible to get a cheaper delivery, so if you can order a week or two in advance of you needing the supplies, you’ll be able to keep costs down.

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The advantages of buying ink or toner online

Most online ink retailers sell remanufactured cartridges – cartridges that have been refurbished and then refilled under strict factory procedures with good quality control. These cartridges are cheaper as they don’t factor in the original manufacturing costs and they can work out well. Some remanufactured cartridges aren’t read properly by the printer, and others fail, but by choosing a dealer that uses trustworthy remanufacturers, you can keep these problems to a minimum.

A word of caution

When you’re looking for a cheap source of ink or toner, don’t just jump at the cheapest one you find, as you may end up disappointed and out of pocket. Make sure you do your homework before parting with any money and ask about returns policies and warranties. Some online suppliers can reduce your bill if you send them your old cartridges for remanufacture, so it’s always worth asking – every little helps!

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