Becoming Truly Wealthy: Tim Ferriss can Teach you How

Becoming Truly Wealthy: Tim Ferriss can Teach you How

Most people always think that wealth is related to money, riches, and glory. Sure having all of those can categorize you as ‘wealthy’ – and ‘filthy rich’. However, wealth is much more than just achievement, accolades and the accumulation of money, houses, cars, etc.

According to Tim Ferris, it’s all about finding the balance between your achievements and being grateful of what you have right now. The latter is even more important than the former, because if you are not appreciating and being grateful of everything you have today, chances are, you’ll never appreciate what you’ll get later.

So, what is ‘true wealth’? How to achieve the wealthy status? Here’s the great guide from Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneur, an investor and the master of learning and outsourcing life, so that you can be, well, truly wealthy.

To recap, here’s how to become truly wealthy:

  1. List of things you are grateful about: Tim Ferriss name this the ‘gratitude practice’, which consist of listing 3 things you are grateful about every morning – and make it a habit.
  2. Reach out to someone and express gratitude: Say thank you to someone that you haven’t had the chance to do so for some time; Connect with your childhood friends or college friends that you haven’t said thank you to, say thanks to your co-workers, and other people you want to express your gratitude to.
  3. Do one thing – every day – that fears you: Approaching a cute girl, do public speaking, laying down on Starbucks – anything that challenges you.
  4. Model world class performers: Learn from those who are successful in the field that you want to succeed in; learn from those whose life is the kind of life that you’ve always wanted. Learn and model their ‘strategic approaches’ – something that makes them the way they are right now.
  5. You can replicate success: Being wealthy can be learned! You can create your own recipe to replicate the success of the extraordinarily successful people.

Do the ‘micro-changes’ and watch your life transformed for the better, allowing you to achieve extreme productivity and massive success. Stay humble, be grateful and always learn things that matter to your journey in amassing massive wealth – true wealth, that is!

Good luck in your endeavor.

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