How to Grow your Startup: You Need These 2 Things

How to Grow your Startup: You Need These 2 Things

Turning your idea into a real startup is an awesome feeling. But trust me, that awesome feeling doesn’t last long – especially when you just see 5 people visiting your store in the past 7 days or 3 people ask about your web services in the past 7 days.

Before you are giving up too early, here’s a good advice for you from Gary Vaynerchuk. Whether you starting up a website, a YouTube channel, an apparel shop, a car dealership, etc. this advice works.

Watch and listen:

To recap, here’s what you need to get things going:

1. Offer value

If your products/services suck, you lose. The reason you startup exists is to provide value for your clients. If your clients see value in what you are offering, you win. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often forget that their startups exist because they offer stellar products/services.

2. Do biz dev

Even if you have high quality products/services, you need to do this in order to kickstart your growth: Business development.

Knocks on every door in your neighborhood. Emails everyone you know. Do partnership with complementary businesses. Join forums and get people to know you and your products/services.

You need to do both really well. If you can, then you have a good chance for business success.

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