Break Room Hacks for Boosting Workplace Productivity (Infographic)

Break Room Hacks for Boosting Workplace Productivity (Infographic)

Did you know that 61 percent of employees feel that employers are taking a good care of them in the office when hot beverages are provided in the office? Here’s one more: 37 percent of employees prefer free, daily fresh gourmet beverages – which include tea and coffee – rather than an annual holiday party.

Behold – the underrated impact of break rooms in workplace productivity!

Break rooms are important. Not only they are the place for employees to chill and converse with others, they are also a place for employees to recharge/refuel. As an employer, you need to support them by providing the right snacks and beverages. When your employees think that you are committed to making the office a better place for their well-being, they will perform better and more loyal toward the company. What could you ask for more?

This infographic from Quill can give you more ideas on how to hack your break room for the benefit of your employees – and your company:

Break room hacks infographic by Quill

Short breaks make a healthier, more productive workforce – it’s time to encourage them, and support them with the right amenities – like healthy nibbles and free-flowing tea/coffee.


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