The Idea of a “5 Year Plan” is Nothing More Than Justified Procrastination

The Idea of a “5 Year Plan” is Nothing More Than Justified Procrastination

“Where will you be in 5 years?”

We’ve all been asked this question more than once in life. Usually during a job interview, am I right?

I’m really loving some of Tai Lopez’s thoughts about success and pontifications about life and career goals.

The man has intimately studied different cultures and mentored under some of the most successful men and women on the planet, so take a moment to listen to what he has to say:

I wish I knew a long time ago that most of what people tell you is wrong.

The first thing he was talking about is how most of us are pre-programmed for mediocrity, which I believe to be very true as well. So hard to get past all the “can’ts” and “nevers” that are dished out by the pessimists of the world. My parents are the worst for this, I’ve heard the “some people just have to be workers” speech more than once in life — it’s hard to get out from under such reasoning. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine that there’s enough financial wealth to go around, so some do have to be the “cogs” in the machine I suppose.

Tai’s next point about the misuse of patience that most people have is really something all who aren’t happy with the current state of affairs in their life really need to ponder. Are you patiently waiting, or patiently building? Waiting for the 4th year to start freaking out about achieve the goals set out in your 5 year plan is just an excuse to put things off.

Society’s class-based system thrives on this kind of reasoning and people who don’t wait are generally happiest. While those who don’t continue to practice and improve upon the fine art of patience, until the urge to do anything beyond their comfort zone eventually fades.

Planning is just procrastination in absence of execution.

Seriously though, here’s a couple of excerpts from my 18 month plan:

  1. Publish a fiction novel I’ve been writing and revising for over 2 years now.
  2. Have my unique vlog idea established, with at least 100,000 followers.
  3. At minimum, double my income no matter the impact on my social life.

3 simple goals: No waiting. No excuses.

Share your own achievable 18 month plan in the comments, if you dare to make yourself socially accountable for your dreams.

Good luck! 😀


Main image by Chris Devers

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