Simple Tip for Reversing Your Self Doubt and Shift to a Higher Purpose

Simple Tip for Reversing Your Self Doubt and Shift to a Higher Purpose

I highly recommend watching at least the first few minutes of this podcast, featuring Brendon Burchard. He offers a really cool tip on how to use your smartphone to help live every day with purpose, to evolve into the person you want to be, instead of what “they” (society) is driving you toward.

If your using an iPhone or iDevice, Apple already has a built in reminder app that you can use to input your 3 words that describe who you are and/or your life’s agenda. However, “Alarmed” has a snappier interface.

For Android, I personally use the “To Do Reminder“.

Later in the video around the 24 minute mark, Brendon offers a pretty compelling metaphor about how we control the outcomes in our lives: “A power plant doesn’t have energy, it transforms and generates energy.” Negativity or positivism are generated, they don’t just pop into your head.

I also found it interesting to learn that Oprah Winfrey has kept a “gratitude journal” for the last 30 years. To spend time writing about what you’re grateful for every day, at the end of each day, could be very valuable for rewiring your brain to being in more of a positive mindset rather than a pessimistic or outright negative one. Success leaves clues and few can claim more success in life than her.

There’s so much gold in this video. I hope you watch the entire thing and share it with those in your life who struggle with self doubt and unhappiness.



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