Meerkat Wants to Change the Way you Live Stream (The App ‘Owns’ SXSW 2015!)

Meerkat Wants to Change the Way you Live Stream (The App ‘Owns’ SXSW 2015!)

Live stream video is a bit scary to many. The sense of Truman Show-ish activities is a turn-off to some. However, business-wise, live streaming means so much more to businesses than people expect. Some startups are trying to get into the scene, trying to change how you do live streaming, and one of the most buzzed at the moment is Meerkat.

Meerkat, in essence, is a live streaming app. The idea is to empower user to share what they are seeing in real time. Not censor, no filters (which can be a good thing or a bad thing.) This is huge for public figures who want to engage their fans and followers – and enhance their brands.

To learn more about Meerkat, there’s no better source of information than the founder himself. Becoming the most-talked-about app in SXSW 2015, more people will want to learn more about Meerkat. If you are one of them, here’s a good one: Founder Ben Rubin talks with my man Gary Vaynerchuk about how it all began – check it out:

Please note: Don’t mistake Meerkat with Snapchat. The yellowish company/app color is strikingly similar – it’s like that the apps are the products of the same company; it’s not. Both are different thing. Seriously.

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2 thoughts on “Meerkat Wants to Change the Way you Live Stream (The App ‘Owns’ SXSW 2015!)

  • Ivan: Did you hear about Twitter’s action against Meerkat during SXSW? They recently acquired a similar service, so Meerkat’s stream didn’t work in Twitter…

    How would you compare and contrast Meerkat with Bambuser?

    Have you used this service in your business?

    A service like Meerkat is perfect during a business conference.

    • Ivan Widjaya Author · Edit


      Twitter can do whatever they want – and it’s very much understandable why they would do that. But Meerkat steals the show at SXSW 2015 🙂

      I’m not sure why Meerkat is so popular, even though the concept itself is not that unique (e.g. Bambuser.) Perhaps the right app launched at the right time is the answer?

      P.S: I haven’t use Meerkat or Bambuser – I’m not ready to reveal my life to the general public, no matter how uninteresting my life might be 😉


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