You Won’t Believe People Make Money Doing These Things!

You Won’t Believe People Make Money Doing These Things!

I came across this vlogcast channel on YT the other day. The premise is set towards the comical for many of their shows, but this video lists 6 “weird” companies that exists selling/renting some things that many of you might have a hard time believing:

Some Truly Bizarre and Funny Businesses Here:


Lucky Break Wishbone Corp: OMG! Do people really, truly care about wishbones? So much so that they’d buy a plastic one?

Neuticals: Testicular implants for pets? I like this idea. My current pet came from the Humane Society (they insist on neutering) and I often feel quite bad that the poor fella has to walk around without all his man parts. Hey, he probably doesn’t know, but I do! Great business idea, but I wonder how many lawsuits they have to deal with due to infection, etc. Though it’s fake, you can’t tell me there aren’t people, particularly men, who wouldn’t pay for this service. I mean, it’s been done to (hilarious) death in movies and on television. Not the most creative name for a fake imaginary friend service, right? This one is totally implausible to most of us who’re half-ways normal, but you still gotta imagine there would be a niche market for it. How’s this really any different than keeping a pet rock around? “Weren’t goats”. Tee hee! Rental service for goats? Why not? If it gets the job done why not.

Idonowidon’ I’m not sure I would recommend this business to anyone looking to sell a ring. You’d probably find more savvy buyers on Ebay or Amazon. Not to mention that if you get the ring appraised at a local shop, even a hock shop will give you top dollar for a second-hand piece. I went ahead and read some reviews about this place and it appears they low ball a lot of folks who’re looking to offload one of the worst memories of their life. Share your comments on this one. I’ve gotten angry a time or two and wanted to break things, but I can’t see paying $75 to trash a room. This sounds like something that belongs on the Strip or in some hillbilly town beside the local bar. Thank you, thank you, thank you that this was fake! Can’t say much about this business. Makes a lot of sense from a niche money making standpoint, but I just don’t get our human need to make such a fuss about dead people’s remains. I don’t think that we’re necessarily “gone” when we’re gone, but I know I sure as heck won’t be hanging around inside a grave or in some “reef ball” at the bottom of the sea for eternity!

A Blog: Hey, many a ghostwriter has done this. There’s probably someone doing this somewhere in the world right now.






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