Are you a Realtor? These Kind of Content will Attract Property Buyers

Are you a Realtor? These Kind of Content will Attract Property Buyers

As a realtor, you should continue to find better ways to market your listings. Running an office and showcasing your listings’ photos on the wall is the “best practice.” However, the ways to market your business products or services will continue to expand and transform, in such a way that you need to respond to the trend in order to attract more potential home buyers and close more sales.

It is a no-brainer decision to start marketing your business online. While any types of online marketing can help you, they differ in the effectiveness. In my opinion, content marketing is the way to go right now, and for a realtor, videos are great.

However, just like any other content marketing methods, there are cool and uncool videos that will eventually determine how many views and likes you will get – and ultimately, how may property sales you can close at the end of your sales process, starting from your videos.

So, what kind of videos that will get your property buyers to spend more time viewing the video content – and will potentially buy a property from you? Here’s the tip from Gary Vaynerchuk:

So, to recap: In your video marketing campaign – and content marketing campaign, in general – you need to review your local area within 10- or 20-mile radius and be ‘romantic’ with it: Interview local teachers, talk with the people from the neighborhood, review local eateries, and so on.

Stories create emotion. Sound advice.

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