Andy Whitfield’s “Be Here Now” Film is all About Living Your Life in the Present

Andy Whitfield’s “Be Here Now” Film is all About Living Your Life in the Present

This will make you smile — it’ll also make you cry. Just watch it and resolve to live life differently from today onward.

Are you “open to the journey, the discoveries, and the adventure” like Andy was leading up to his death?

I personally used to watch this clip every day for at least two years. I was suffering 24 hours a day with an unyet diagnosed disease known as Hashimoto’s, where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, killing the cells and dropping massive crap-tons of hormones into the bloodstream. The condition causes uncontrollable heart-beat, blood pressure, a constantly swollen throat (goiter) and other scary stuff I’d rather not rehash.

While my problem was nothing like Andy’s, doctors kept telling me I was over-stressed and needed counselling, leaving me feeling alone and uncertain about whether I’d come through it. This short clip of a documentary that will hopefully be released this year, really kept me going when things were dark.

If you’re in a bad way, or just not going anywhere, perhaps Andy’s story can help you move past it. After all, he sure didn’t want to leave his family and budding career behind, but stories like his should remind us all that there’s just no way of knowing what the world has in store tomorrow.

Start a business, change jobs, get a job… go travel.

“Be Here Now” is such an epic catch-phrase to live your life by, I just had to post it on BizEpic today for those who need a little kick over the Wednesday hump.

If you’re interested, it appears the the film’s done now, so hopefully it’ll be coming out really soon:





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