Uber Invests in Self-Driving Cars Tech Research: Watch Out, Google!

Uber Invests in Self-Driving Cars Tech Research: Watch Out, Google!

Uber enters a dog-fight with Google.

Following Google’s footsteps in pioneering self-driving cars, Uber accelerates the realization of the tech by investing in a robotic research in Pittsburgh, in a partnership with Carnegie Mellon university (CMU).

Here’s the news piece for that.

Volvo and BMW have done their research, but with limitation. Uber (and Google) breaks free from such limitations, and aim for the moon.

Uber CEO has this vision for replacing real drivers with self-driving cars since early 2014. Roughly a year later, Uber takes a step forward by opening a research facility for R&D, mainly in road mapping, vehicle safety and autonomy technology.

Epic and cutting edge. Reminds me of Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Here’s a funny take on Uber’s plan. Hmm… this could happen:

Here’s a more serious look on the challenge of developing self-driving car technology:

Indeed, there are issues for self-driving car tech to solve – but as always, pioneers will gain the competitive advantage.

So, what do you think of Uber’s plan?

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