The Best and Cheapest Design for a DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

The Best and Cheapest Design for a DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

I just had to share this with everyone. I know a great many BizEpic readers spend a lot of time sitting at a desk every day. Like me, I’m sure there are a lot of you who’re interesting in having an adjustable standing desk that allows easy changing from standing to sitting (after all, one does need to rest now and again!)

There are plenty of benefits to standing vs sitting, ranging from calories burned to helping to keep your lymphatic system healthy.

I did a post a few months ago (here) detailing an “Ikea Hack” that involved adding a Lack Table and shelf (for keyboard and mouse) atop your existing desk for an easy $50 standing table with minimal work. After considering it for a bit, I decided against this idea, since there was no easy adjustment option with this office hack.

Being a handy fella, I’m not averse to doing a little work myself, to save money and get something that’s designed with my own specific needs in mind.

I think I’ve finally found a design that works for me. In this video, Derek Smith shows you a very simple and cheap (less than $30) add-on that he designed which allows easy and safe adjustment of your monitor and keyboard from standing to sitting. After you check out the desk, scroll down to the link provided and check out the step by step instructions he put on his blog.

Here’s the how-to on Derek’s blog:

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk for under $25

I know some of you might find working with tools intimidating, but this looks to be a pretty simple day project. You can of course take the specs for the boards and the square tubing to your local home improvement center and they’ll cut the pieces to length and drill any necessary holes for the hardware for you. Mind you, this will drive up the price somewhat and as a DIY’er myself, I can’t really speculate how much.

I plan to build this creation in the next couple of weeks…





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